Covering Up Kaua’i

It was brought to my attention by an island friend that Google Earth has recently covered up a part of South Shore Kaua’i with a fake clouds screen.  This is for the most part, wilderness area of the Na  Pali Coast. The South Shore is also where the U.S. military base is entrenched on the island. They are known to conduct “secret” operations there.

Also the weather radar for the island has been “down” for months now.  Uhhh they can’t fix it?



Thoth has shared with me the truth of such black opps on this island, and that they do HAARP “grid formations” from here, using a Black Box so to speak, that syncs with the main HAARP installation. Also, a major underwater “secret space program” base is located just off shore (or rather the entrance to it is).

Ironic, since this island (and indeed the whole island chain) is also chock full of amazing inter-dimensional portals and several ancient underwater pyramids!


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