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An extension of my New Earth Star Inner Academy webs and blogs, this site was created by request from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa. The focus is on informational videos and (some) articles aligning to what I have been receiving from my inner-planes sources for over 50 years, concerning the underlying agendas of the world and how humanity will and IS breaking free of these restraints and moving forward rapidly now, into the New Earth Hologram of Consciousness. In the category of “breaking free” I will include videos / articles  that educate one to this fact, and the inter-relatedness of all life, which leads us to freedom from dogmatic conformity.

Usually these videos and articles are preceded by my commentary. I am being very selective as to what I post on on this site – only that which I feel elucidates topics of the utmost importance to humanity at this time.

CONCERNING MATERIAL I PRESENT: Not every single word in these videos and articles created by or written by others necessarily agrees with my sources, but the core information does. Also, when reading any “channeled” information (including mine) always bear in mind that it is being received through a human personality, and thus the interpretation of the pure energy streaming will be colored in varying degrees, by the “lens” of that person.  In viewing these videos or reading the articles one needs to think and more importantly – feel for themselves, what among it all resonates for you and what does not.

I call this blog “Tribelight” Station as in the 1980’s my inner-planes sources gave me the name “Tribelight” for an informational frequency humans could tune-in to (especially in Dreamtime) to receive true understanding about the world around them…it’s source, purpose and destiny. (more info on the frequency streaming of Tribelight)

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Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid