The OWL and the Rainbow Pussycat

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat – BY EDWARD LEAR

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea

   In a beautiful pea-green boat,

They took some honey, and plenty of money,

   Wrapped up in a five-pound note.

The Owl looked up to the stars above,

   And sang to a small guitar,

“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,

    What a beautiful Pussy you are,

         You are,

         You are!

What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Excerpt from: The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (1983)


Article originally posted in 2019

As Idyllic as this poem sounds, it actually kind of fits the sober topic I am going to share here.

In around 1994 my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa told me about the One World Legion or OWL. They are who many now are calling the Elite, New World Order, etc. He also spoke about those whom he calls the “Architects.” These are the Controllers of the OWL.  Then he added that there was a faction of the OWL who were attempting to change the dynamic of that Legion, and he called them the “Rainbows.” These names are pseudonyms and not what they are actually called.

He referred to this faction of the OWL as those who are less severe in their thinking. They are also somewhat more aware as to the dead-end path the OWL are heading down. The Rainbows are not “White Hats.” They are more like Rhinestone Cowboys. Glitter, Sparkle and Seduce…thus the pseudonym of “Rainbows.” We all remember where that rainbow led Dorothy. To an old white man behind a curtain operating a techno-illusion matrix.

Recently, Thoth presented me with a visual analogy: The Sour Milk Cows and the Happy, Productive Cows.

The Sour Milk Cows are kept in small, cramped cages and fed a bunch of chemically-laced food. They are dumbed-down and plumped up and have a miserable and short life before being hauled away to a Slaughter House.

The Happy, Productive Cows are pasture-raised. Non-GMO grains, plenty of sunshine and soothing music to produce sweet milk. They live pseudo-happy lives, a little longer than their Sour brothers and sisters. However, they are still fenced in and not permitted to leave the pastures. They are still taken to the Slaughter House…only these Happy Cows are singing Kumbaya as they go. They are also dumbed-down, but with Light Shows and Glitter all the way.

The Sour Milk Cows are under the care and feeding of the current (Old Guard) One World Legion. The Happy Cows are raised by the Rainbows.

Since 1994, this whole thing has come a long way. The Rainbows now have turned many OWL’s feathers to Rainbow Bright. Its not a matter of one side warring with the other. It is infiltration, persuasion and deal-making that is changing Owls into Rainbow Pussycats.

To further address the difference between these two factions, I first need to say that by 2019, we are talking about “old” OWLs and “new” (Rainbow) OWLs, as the Rainbows are just about to overcome the Old Guard. There are still some bridges to cross in this take-over, but it is progressing rapidly now. So should we be rooting for the NEW OWLS? Well, in a way. But read on…

The Old Guard OWL Agenda

1 – Make Money – Keep Power – Create Slave Labor

2 – Throw out a few carrots to the masses and dumb them down with chemicals and mind control.

3 – Continue to work with Off-Planet Humanoids in order to keep their own situation stable and supply them with the supra-technology they need to continue their main #1 Agenda.

3b – In order to continue in cooperative efforts with these Alien Humanoids, they must go down the path of making the planet more and more toxic for the current planetary dwellers, which is more suitable for their Alien partners. The incentive is the “guarantee” that the OWL Elite (not all the minions in the ranks who really don’t know much of what is going on) will be spirited away to Martian colonies at the appropriate time. First, they are to go into Earth underground enclaves – several of which are already fully operative.

4 – Continue to work under the supreme guidance of the Architects.

5 – Build cities to concentrate the slave labor, and the secret camps in which to selectively de-populate the planet further.

6 – There is a Transhumanism agenda. A large topic.

7 – Move the majority of humankind on this planet down an alternative Time Line / Reality Stream that does not include the Ascension dynamic of Metatronic (Full Light) into a more evolved New Earth scenario.

The New Rainbow OWL Agenda

1 – Make Money – Keep Power – Create Slave Labor

2 – Create two types of “Slaves”:

Type A buys into the Dream Field – seduced by a desire for eternal happiness. Most of Type A Cows will have to have mooo-la to get them through the doors into these Wonderland Cities. Others (with especially the right genetics) will be given free passes. Once they are in, they will be even more dumbed-down by “pleasure.” They will be culled very selectively – genetically, and in a way that causes few ripples if any, in their distilled brains. Mind control will be used for this…very sophisticated control of neural responses in the brain. Nano-technology will be employed as well, being injected into the human body. Few chemicals will be used. The “cows” will be fattened naturally – well, so it will seem. Non-GMO foods, natural medicine, the Good Life. Plenty of sunshine and good will all around.

Type B are the “huddled masses,” or what is left of them. They are herded through fear of the crumbling world around them and a promise of a better life, into antiseptic cities that seem nice – not as perfect as the Type A cities, but no poverty, plenty of medical care and wholistic services as well. Not bad actually…or so it will seem. They too, will be managed with mind control and nano-technology. Those not deemed useable will be sent to elimination camps. I stress that there will not be millions of either Type A or Type B sent to these camps. Sadly, by the time this whole program is set into place, there will be far fewer people on the planet. How this will actually work I do not know. I am not sure how you can subtly kill a lot of people without the living population knowing about it. But then, that is already happening to a degree in 2019. I have been shown that the Rainbows will eliminate far fewer people than will the Old Guard. Genetics will play a key role, but not having to do with race or religion.

3 – All relationships and agreements with Off-Planet Humaniods will cease. The long-standing relationship and agreements with the Architects will cease.

Rainbows see continuing with these associations and the pacts they demand, are leading to an increasingly dark future for them. How can they be Masters of their world if they continue to serve the Aliens and the Architects (who are part Alien themselves). They don’t trust the Off-Planet Aliens to keep their word. They don’t wish to live on another planet…lots of risks involved and a very unknown future for them under Alien Overlords.

Breaking these bonds will be tricky, but they do have a plan, and it is a good one. I have not been given access to this information as yet. The Rainbows are confident that once this break is made, they will be able to use the Stargates in the Middle East to give them all they need to continue and build their Earth Empire.  They will also need the 5G satellites. These are not yet within their control, but soon they very likely will have access to them. These satellites are not there just  to kill and control people (although they can, and selectively they will – not to mention general health hazards). They are in place for a far more expansive reason.  Again, I have no details on this.

4 – There will be a Transhumanism agenda.

5 – Move the majority of humankind on this planet down an alternative Time Line / Reality Stream that does not include the Ascension dynamic of Metatronic (Full Light) into a more evolved New Earth scenario. However, with the Rainbows, this will be a different Time Line than that which has been designed by the Old Guard.

Why the Old Guard Will Give Way to the New

The Old Guard can pretty much see the writing on the wall at this point: oil will soon not be a commodity. Not only because reachable oil is dwindling but because its power is useless in the “New World Order” both camps wish to create. They have had the technology for a long time – from the Off-Planet Humanoids. They now need to be able to use it openly (or at least to a greater degree).

Nobody really WANTS to go to what are basically nice concentration camps on Mars. But the Old Guard has clung to the notion that they have no choice. The big bad Aliens will squash them like bugs if they don’t go along with the deal. Rainbows say not so. And they have good reason to believe this. A deep topic I won’t go into here.

Now in the works, is the Super City of NEOM to be constructed in Saudi Arabia. This is a Type A RAINBOW City. It is be the first, with more to follow. The Old Guard has been working on the Type B city plan for all humans but them. The Rainbows say, no: ”we need some of those people to help us create the New World…and they need to feel they are part of doing so, although they won’t know that they are still slaves of our system.”

In order for the OWL to STAY on Earth they need to regenerate it into a healthy place to be. They will need the help of Type As and to a lesser degree, Type Bs to do so. Both these Types need to be cooperative. Especially the Type As. They have plans for them…these who are the specialized genetically selected ones.

The NEOM project is about to gain the support of Israel. A key player for reasons I won’t go into now. Israel is still supporting Old Guard Agendas as well, but the Rainbows are rapidly winning over the Money and those with the “Hidden Powers” they need to achieve their goals.

The Saudi Crown Prince MBS is seen outwardly to be the instigator of NEOM, but he is only the puppet-in-front.

Putin is on board with the NEW One World Legion with a promise of a seat at the Table, which he does not have with the Old Guard Owl.

China is not invited and does not wish to be in. They have their own plans for World Dominion. They have had this agenda for a long time and are not giving it up.

North Korea is considered a risk by both OWL factions. They are not sure what to do with North Korea and are casting an even more worried eye on China. However, as long as they have the Stargates in the Middle East they feel they can win the end game: with the Chinese, North Koreans, Aliens and Architects. Then there is…well, the Orange Wild Card Guy who knows nothing about Owls or Rainbow Pussycats but is being promised valuable real estate in the Emerald City of NEOM and his debts and crimes erased. What a Conga Line!

Another aspect of all this I feel is important to share here: The word that has been circulating for some time now, that the “Good Guys” are secretly arresting many in the Kabal, and seizing their money, with plans to give it all back to the People. They are saying this is a global sweep to clear the Dark Lords from the planet and we will than all live happily ever after. NOT SO.

What IS happening: First, the Rainbows would never “war” against the Old Guard (Kabal, etc). They “make deals.” They move money. They convince.  There are some Kabal that have broken agreements with the Old Guard. These are not being treated nicely by either the Old Guard or the Rainbows. This “Global Reset” thing is being carried out by the One World Legion. They have spread misinformation about it as part of the set-up to switch us all to the new platform. This platform is becoming more and more rainbow-colored.

Be aware that the arms of the OWL New Guard (Rainbows), like “Q” USE THE TRUTH TO TELL A LIE – according to Thoth. This makes for seductive stuff, and the Big Lie is composed of many smaller ones, all leading down a dark path.


While we must do our part, our Kindred on many levels of Being will assist us and indeed have assisted us in the past.

There are a number of high-placed Rainbows who are turning into Inner Light Networkers. None of the terms ILN, OWL and Rainbow describe card-carrying members of an Order (although there are quite a few Orders within the OWL). It is all about vibration and frequency. Where the frequency goes, so does the mind and the heart.

GAIA Herself is stirring to meet the embrace of the Cosmic Dancer – where our solar system is moving and thus our planet. The whole vibration is shifting for this system and in a unique way for the Earth and Venus. Again, a topic to broad for this article. But suffice to say, it is good news for all living Beings on and in this planet. As GAIA pushes the button on Her own re-genesis program, so She prepares for Her Ascension from a World System I (Oritron-Half Light) to a World System II (Metatron-Full Light). This will not be stopped.

In Conclusion

I thought long and hard about releasing all this. I have mentioned pieces of it through the years, especially recently. I realize that there are so many “channels” and whistle blowers (many of the latter who have been given false memories) telling all kinds of dastardly scenarios about reptilians, Anunnaki, etc. Why should I put just one more confusing tale into the pot?

Because I deeply feel the truth of it, and I trust the source, whom I have communed with (if you include his “Helpers”) since I was a child. I don’t consider my Source Translations and Thoth Transmissions infallible. That is why I prefer to call them “translations” rather than “channelings.” Yet my deep-seated faith in their basic and underlying truth remains. Still, sharing something of this serious a magnitude so fully is a new commitment for me. I am doing it now for those who ARE confused and just might feel the resonance of truth within what I have written here.

My greatest concern is about the designing of alternate realties created or re-formed for the specific purpose of taking us off track with our Ascension destiny. I honestly believe planetary Ascension would eventually happen, no matter what, but I also sense that this thought should not make us complacent.

What is on the alternate time line – at least of the Old Guard OWL?

To begin with it is a world in which Reptilians are everywhere and Anunnaki are our ancestors and built and did everything of importance on this planet. No. There are reptilians – but they have been given too extreme an importance in the alien picture. There were Anunnaki here and they did some damage, but they are a drop in the cosmic-earth bucket. Our true Kindred are the ones who raised 99% of the great structures. They returned for what Thoth calls The Reparation to help us restore our genetics to a great degree. These Sun Lords are still with us and will help us as we help ourselves. For more information on the designer time line of the OWL.

Those who set up the alternate “box canyon” Reality / Time Line installed certain “keywords” that are propagated to the max. When these words are used (along with the mind-set given them), it further herds people down that Reality path. Three main keywords are: Reptilians – Anunnaki – Illuminati.

It is important to realize when reading and contemplating the above information, that these are largely plans of the OWL/Rainbows. This is not a prophecy of things to come.

Search your heart for the truth of who you are, the spiritual power you have and where you choose to go in the morass of truth and fiction being presented to us in the 21st Century.

We live a multi-dimensional existence and must each choose where to place our focus and intent. It is no longer about embracing a belief system, but becoming a register of cosmic force that focuses on a streaming of purposeful design.

2020 Updates

Those who created the “Infection” now upon us and its hidden marker are not the regular Elite, which Thoth calls Old Guard of the One World Legion or OWL. They are not the New Guard of the OWL, which Thoth refers to as the “Rainbows.” They are a rogue break-off group who work directly for the Architects (creators of the Old Guard OWL), who have decided they wish to clear the slate and start over…a major re-set. This is their first real attempt but certainly not the only plan they intend to implement. More on the Hidden Marker and Reverse Marker

The Architects are working with the Rainbow in an uneasy alliance at this time. But remember, the Rainbow…the New Guard OWL, wish to leave the Architects behind. So…it will not end well between them.

China, with it’s part in the “Infection” engineering, is in a workshop alliance with certain Rainbow factions, but is is narrow and not intended to be long-lived.

2021 Updates

 My Thothic Guidance concurs with this evaluation.


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