Wonderful Works of Spirit

With so much Tribulation programming going on in the world it is important to keep informed and yet understand the CORE principles at work, which embody Planetary Transformation. No matter what we see happening around us and in our life that may seem perilous and frightening we must keep focused on the truth that ALL is transformation!

I created Tribelight Station to try and strike a balance between staying informed and keeping aware. Yet I felt I also wanted to go further and create a venue that presents things of Beauty and Light, of Grace and Wonder that still is very much present on the blue globe in space we inhabit. So I created yet another blog . . .



One thought on “Wonderful Works of Spirit

  1. Thank you Maia, we do need the balance of beauty in our lives. And coming from our computer. Can’t wait to see what shows up on this new blog, thanks again for your untiring work/play that you send our way. Edie in Crestone

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