Net Neutrality is Demanding Entry

Project Silver Lining

When I was prompted on the Inner to create Project Silver Lining I did not know of these recent developments…

Hundreds of people have been burrowing into this week’s D.C. District Court of Appeals 2-1 decision giving the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) everything it wanted and more in its campaign for net neutrality regulation, or conversion of the Internet into a public utility with FCC as overlord.

Entropy Economics’ Bret Swanson summed it up well:

The court upheld not only the FCC’s reclassification of broadband as a Title II telecom service (a switch from its previous designation as a lightly regulated Title I information service), it also allowed the FCC’s redefinition of the Internet itself, the sweeping of mobile broadband into Title II. (Emphasis in original.)

What’s most disappointing is how threats that warned of many years ago by many were exactly what came to pass, and now FCC will…

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