Assange on the Future of Artificial Intelligence


If you go to 20:42 on this video, you will here Julian Assange talk about Silicon Valley’s plans for Artificial Intelligence…to upload individual’s human intelligence and thoughts into computers. This is something he has actual information on…it is not conjecture.



From my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, I have received that this is how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) so-called Greys function. They are created cellular bodies which have intelligence downloaded into their brains from just such computers…a bit of a twist on what Assange is speaking about here, but well within the same ball park.

The uploading of human intelligence into computers is the first step in then downloading them into created or genetically upgraded human brains. Here we enter the topic of Transhumanism.

I wrote an article on this several years ago.

As Thoth stated in this earlier article, as the world becomes TWO…one part of it’s collective consciousness drifting away from the denser state, the “new” world consciousness will be received into the PRM (PYRAMIDIS RADIUS MATRIX), where it can be nourished and prepared for “Ascension” into the New Earth Hologram.

This is not to say, that those of us who choose the consciousness that brings us into the PRM state, will not at first have to deal with extremely and increasingly challenging times, before this separation is completed. I say “completed” as it has already begun!

Thoth has shown me that at some point in this separation which he refers to as a Tachyon Transfer” – the electomagnetic field will shift frequency, rendering all computer which depend on the stability of the electomagnetic field to operate, will shut down. However, those in power are aware of this, and are attempting to develop computers that are not just Quantum (this is already accomplished) But “Hyper” Quantum computers, which operate by the initiation of the sub-quantamic field (a science I won’t go into here). This is the main reason why CERN was created.

However, once the Tachyon Transfer is completed, those souls not adhering to this program (or allowing themselves to become zombies to it), will be in a protected state where they prepare for LP-40….that defining Moment when Earth ignites with the fire of transformation, ascending it’s Light Mass into the New Earth Star. All else will fall away as cosmic dust.

As a footnote: All LIFE must have the electromagnetic field in order to live. However, the EMF will not disappear, it will simply become too erratic to operate high-tech stuff – computers and such. This WILL cause physical problems and in fact it already is (as this instability is gradual). Pacemakers will no longer work, and other life-saving devices. As horrible as this sounds, as previously stated, technology is already anticipating this, and will provide alternate routes, but not a perfectly working new energy system just dropped on the masses. Much of it will be withheld for only the Elite and those who do business with them.

Again, this is where the PRM comes into the picture, as then we will be operating within a free Hyper-Quantum energy field (more accurately sub-quantum field – meaning very small “leaps” within the cellular and artificial circuitry realm).


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