Got Inaugural Red, White and Blues? Maybe This Will Help




WELL. Today is the first full day of the Presidency of Donald Trump. Are you still with me? Yes we now are living in a new UNcommon Era….for four years at least. I know it seems a bitter and scary pill to swallow. We need to realize that this, like everything else in our world, is our own creation. You may be saying, “not me, I didn’t vote for him!” but it is not that simple (as most of you know already). While we are individuals, we are also a collective whole. We come together to create world foundations…and to topple them. Not through revolutions (that is just a thin layer on top of the iceberg), by by living and breathing on this planet. Through our many incarnations here, and all our conscious and subconscious thoughts and fears.

Had Hillary Clinton won, so Thoth tells me, a more terrible scenario would have opened up. It would have not made us feel so vulnerable, because the Old Elite know how to cover their tracks (although their ability to do this is faltering), Trump is just out there flailing around. The Elite or OWL-One World Legion, as Thoth calls them, will now try to own Trump. Can he be bought? Oh I imagine so! The OWL’s big problem is that he is not present enough inside any Shell Game to play it for more than a few spins before he switches the rules.

As I shared with some of you yesterday, Thoth said of January 20th, 2017:

A Renting of the Veil occurs on this day, as a fine sheath tears away from around the planet. It will go unnoticed, and yet it will allow the newer, tender sheath of more refined LIGHT to find it’s strength and grow more brilliant. These such sheaths are fine membranes that encompass a planet. The will each complete their time, tear open (from natural thinning) and fall away (disintegrate). The last sheath was torn in 265 BCE.

It is no coincidence that world events often take a striking shift along with the disintegration of a sheath.

He stresses to me, that this Changing of the Guard (of US Administrations), which appears to us like jumping from one bad dream to another, is really an auspicious time on the planet. It is part of the making way for the fruition of the Seven Miracles of Light (a kind of “mystery” –  to me anyway, that he has been speaking of since the 1980’s). In this context, while “The Fool” card is drawn, so chaos will come out into the open and dance with the stars and be reborn as a Wayshower comet in the Heavens.

Yes, I know…very cryptic, but often Thoth pulls his “Thoth Speak” when the meaning begs for more than common understanding.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be in for a bumpy ride as we approach quantum speed, but the barrier is on our horizon now, and once across…we are on our way HOME!

Meanwhile on Planet Earth…

Let us keep PEACE in our Hearts while we remain PRESENT with whatever peaceful and Light filled ways we personally may engage in order to make this world a better place (Sacred Activism). For me, this means staying informed, and networking the information…but not the fear or hate.

Donald is a human being. We need to be sending him LIGHT, not bad thoughts. He is very empathic. His compass points in the moment at what is engaging him. If we shine enough Light on him, we can possibly “keep his attention” toward a better direction.

I talked more at length about the Thothic view of Earth’s future in my recent video The Changing of Earth.

So to The Swearing in Ceremony of President Donald Trump…

Many of you probably know by now, that sixteen year old Jackie Evancho is a shining Earth Angel to me…and to many around the world.  I have a special love for her heart, soul and stellar voice, which was every bit as stellar with she was ten.

Jackie has received a lot of criticism for accepting to sing at the Inaugural. While she and her family have refrained from saying who they voted for, I seriously doubt it was for Donald Trump, as he does not reflect any of the spiritual ideals Jackie has openly expressed since she was cast into the public eye at the age of ten….and Jackie’s oldest sister is transgender. So why did she accept?

Not for fame and fortune. Jackie already has an impressive amount of awards, performances for Presidents and world leaders, etc. She openly supported the coming out of her transgender sister, Juliet last year, posing with her on the red carpet, giving interviews with her, and making a music video on the difficulty transgender teen face in life. In an interview Jackie stated that she realized that these actions would loose her fans from her large Christian fan base, but this did not matter to her. Supporting her sister was the most important thing.

As to singing for the Inaugural, Jackie has stated repeatedly (and I paraphrase) that it is not a political statement. She is singing for her country…for America, and that she hopes people will for a moment, put all else aside and just listen to the message of the song – The Star Spangled Banner.

This is how I see it…

Jackie was intended to be there…to place a chord of LIGHT into an arena where there were few happy people…each “side” really wanting to tear the other a part, despite the fake smiles. Both sides serving Cesar and certainly not the People of the USA or the World.

She appears in a white coat with the back embroideried thusly…


Red and Blue Roses on White. The obvious patriotic colors but…this is also the Rose Mystica – the Red for the Blood Path and the Blue for the Blue Ray / Blue Star, which of course is upon the Field of White – the White Stone – the Path of Grace,

The BLUE RAY is the tool, the instigator, which brings the RED PATH OF THE ROSE into Harmonic resonance with the WHITE STONE – THE PATH OF THE WHITE LIGHT OF GRACE.

I know that readers who have not followed my work will find the above gibberish. Links connect you to some information on these symbols as given by Thoth, but the full meaning would require deeper study, so I will move along here, but did wish to mention it.

So Jackie’s moment comes. She shines her way like an out-of-place falling star, up to the microphone and begins to sing. Right away, I realize something is wrong. Her always (I mean always) amazing voice sounds stilted and frozen. Then it actually breaks at one point early on! That is to me like hearing fine crystal shatter! Jackie’s voice breaks? Never! But it did. Then she begins to rally, hits the high note and ends the song. Yet all the way through it is as if her vocal chords were semi-paralyzed. No, not nerves. This girl has sung at DC before in front of huge televised crowds and done it with her usual perfection. One factor, I do believe was that she (so I heard) had to stand out in freezing temps with drizzle and rain for 2 1/2 hours before her performance. Also, later I learn that she indeed was still recovering from the flu! So indeed her throat may have been a bit frozen. Beyonce and at least some other singers of recent past, lip-synced their performances on that important occasion, but Jackie refused to do so…she has never had to. She opens her mouth at any event and out comes magic and light. Not this time. It wasn’t awful by any means, but for Jackie, knowing her perfection, it was alarming.

I feel that beyond the cold that may have effected her singing to some degree, it was the tremendous pressure of wills, of minds, of dark thoughts, that hit her when she walked up to that microphone. But yet, her presence and to a degree, stifled song, still stirred the ether.

I put this video together of Jackie singing The Star Spangled Banner without flu and freezing cold weather:

Thoth calls her a “Sounding Angel.” Of course he is not inferring she is a real angel, but assigning that symbolic title to describe her attributes in Life Mission on this planet. Bear in mind that at sixteen she is still very young. I imagine Thoth knows what is ahead in life for this Sounding Angel.



“…when she sings, she sounds like she’s channeling a past life, a future self, or possibly an actual angel.” – Wall Street Journal (2011) 

“Whenever I sing I just get taken over by an Angel. An Angel has taken me over and has given me an amazing gift that I am so thankful for.”  – Jackie age 11 (2011)

“I just see myself singing, and singing for a good reason and trying to help the world.” – Jackie, age 14

“We are all unique stars in the sky. What makes us unique makes us beautiful.”
– Jackie age 15


So in conclusion, let us not be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Sing along with the Angels, and if we miss a note here or there, know that our powerful Spirits will prevail!



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One thought on “Got Inaugural Red, White and Blues? Maybe This Will Help

  1. Dear Maia, your words above are very much in accord with my own feelings while witnessing in TV the ceremony, with Jackie’s participation included. The best way to add in a positive way I could figure out – besides that of projecting Light upon all the people reunited there and the whole situation – was the commitment to myself to keep the balance in front of the MANY public and personal comments so strongly against the now President Trump. Most people mostly show irritation, anger and/or fear of the future, meanwhile others connect with the comfrontative/negative aspects of his discourse. The feelings expressed there use to be tough and ask for sympathy in return. All this simply divide, so the great purpose is not to engage with it and try to neutralize its effects with clear and permanent feelings of ONENESS deeply anchored.

    THANK YOU, Si*Star!

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