Standing Rock – A Defining Stand for Love



My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa speaks of the confrontations at Standing Rock as the building of a new Harmonic, coming out of the Old Earth Guardians – the Indigenous Keepers of the Planet. This “new Harmonic” is defining a wave-form of Heart Resonance whose time has come to vibrate within the energy bodies of human beings who choose New Earth Consciousness. Those who make a choice to turn away from the New Earth will, according to Thoth: “fade away amidst the rubble of their own making.” He is not waxing symbolic here…he is saying (to me) that they will literally fade away from the reality of the New Earth Choosers. This is the beginning of the “separation of worlds” he told me about in the 1980’s – which I really didn’t understand at the time.

It is difficult to see how the “Oil Cops” are going to fade away from their illegal confiscation of the Native Sacred Burial Site…of course they won’t. But it is the beginning of this WAVE…like a small wave at first, but as it nears the shore, it sucks all the water back…warning to the unaware! Right now, in the analogy, the water is being sucked back..the shore is bare with jagged rocks and dying fish. A holocaust of the misplaced and dying.

Yet that WAVE is giving its sign of Return to the shore…the signal that it will take it’s due of all that has awakened it from the deep.

The Water Protectors of Standing Rock have prayed the Harmonic to come forth – to meet the WAVE, to dance with it. This “Ghost Dance” will bring the beginning of the separation of worlds. That which clings to the exposed jagged shore will be swept away from the frequency the New Earth Choosers are building with their Hearts, their Prayers.


You will need to click on “You Tube” icon to actually view it, as they have many links below this video on You Tube that are informational, and where you can donate to this cause.




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