Out of Atlantis


Video of the Zoomcast – Out Of Atlantis – which is a sequel to The Golden Calf.

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* Ranna Time Wave and Kali Rift (note a time “wave” is not the same as a time “line”. The former is a bandwidth which is the “wrapper” to various time lines that align to that bandwidth.)

* The Planetary Genius

* The M-Stra Molecule 

* Tribe of Judah:

extract from Temple Doors, Volume 4 – 1997:

Thoth indicates that within the Great Pyramid is a chamber which he calls the Middin Chamber. He says the Middin Chamber is quite small, much smaller than the King’s and Queen’s Chambers. This chamber manifests an energy dynamic referred to as the ‘Chamber of the Son’ in The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge by J.J. Hurtak.

The unification of the consciousness represented in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and the subsequent linkage of that unified consciousness to the higher worlds of Mazaloth, will occur when the ‘Tribe of Judah,’ is astro-physically and vibrationally aligned with the Great Pyramid through the Middin Chamber.

Judah actually represents a key geometric function (cosine) of the relationships between all the Tribes, or twelve Zodiacal / genetic / para-genetic movements in the lesser heavens.

There will be a specific astro-physical alignment at some point in the future, whereby the angles and geometry of Judah, will be aligned once again through the Middin Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The Middin Chamber works in resonance with the Eye of Horus. . .as a portal through the Mazzaroth to access stellar coordinates of higher Christic consciousness. When the final alignment occurs, it will result in a major and final alignment of the Earth’s consciousness to that of the Christ which hails from the Mazaloth.

* The Archiimid:

From a 1996 issue of my form publication, Temple Doors

On the night of 2/13/96 Thoth integrated with my higher mind, inserting a streaming of knowledge concerning divine alchemy in its relationship to work we have been instructed to do with the 44:44 Stargate. Most of this ‘knowledge streaming’ was not in a form that can be relayed in conscious understanding, however some terms were also inserted. On 2/16/96 I asked Thoth to clarify some of these terms for me.

To help clarify, the following information is a composite of current and past transmissions from Thoth in combination with some direct translation done by me from the ancient mind records of the Zarathustrian Book of Lords which appeared in Temple Doors issue 3-90.

The Archiimid structure is seen as a black pyramid with triangular recesses in each of its four sides, they appear as a slice taken out of a pie) In order to understand the definition of the Archiimid, first let us review the meaning of ‘Archii’ as given in Temple Doors issue 3-90:

“In the Book (of the Zarathustrian Lords) is written the names of the Five Race-Spirits who have yet to manifest their streaming upon the Earth. From these Race-Spirits shall come the New Races, bringing the genetic four-fold helixes into the Earth Domain. Since the time of the ‘Fall’, mankind contains only a two-fold helix which stays him from receipt of the complete Being. Through the Metatronic Spiral the light molecule, the M-STRA, begins the process of receipt. Once accomplished, the Five Race-Spirits, or the Archi, (Archii) will come into the evolutionary
field of Earth’s manifesting plane. These Archi are also the first Race-Spirits, only they return as higher evolutions of their former revealed (to the Earth) natures. Thus they are Meta-Archi. The Meta-Archi cause the asterisms cohesion of the Light Molecule.

“From the Zarathustrian Book of Lords:
“The Amphabet (Meta-Archi) stretch out their fineness of silks and spin a Mudra of Totality. From the seed-light they gather all the signs into one shining element, bared to the forge of the sun, bathed in the pearls of the moon. Lo, the scroll of golden beams is written with the quills of their burnishing might and set into the living pulse of the Mother Realm.'”

The Archiimid is the alchemical sacred pattern for the entrance of sublime atonics (sacred harmonics) streaming from the Archii into the elemental creational matrices of the Earth. Only a select few alchemists on Earth have ever worked through the Archiimid, for it requires absolute Spirit-to-Matter precision. I Thoth, am one who has tapped its divine rod and brought forth the manna from its pure form. The Archiimid contains many aspects of Divine Mystery and creative function. Revealed to you now is only one portion of its compete passage.

Through this geometric, Spirit has access to the order of atomic frequency in matter, and thus may intercede in the karmic containment fields of the atomic structure, breaking the spell of matter to release mutable spirit-matter forms as merkabic vehicles for Light redemption of matter.

In the Book of the Zarathustrian Lords:
“From the seed-light they gather all the signs into one shining element, bared to the forge of the sun, bathed in the pearls of the moon.” which signifies “spiritual consciousness becomes a guardian spirit of high order, emanating from individual spiritualized egos, who gather to from what the Zarathustrian Book calls, ‘Genius’.”

The physical ‘rasa-dew’ (residue) or element containing the spirit-to-matter component of this sacred gathering is the Prima Matra, the first matter of Earth, that which is elementation purified in the solvency of spirit, the manna of eternal life. This is the ‘shining element’ exemplifying the spirit-to-matter dynamics inherent in the Genius of the planet.

The five Archii (or Meta-Archi) who are the Race-Spirits mentioned above, form an alchemical breakdown in matter, represented through the Archiimid as: Causation, Separation, Distillation, Crystallization and Unification.

The Archiimid focuses these breakdowns simultaneously through four event fields: Monotonic, Morphogenetic, Rhombic and Omnipranic. The solutions through which the alchemical formulas become actualized are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Azoth.

The following are some additional terms given me with the Archiimid information.
Kabalis: a language of hand and body signing that connects Light codes within the Archiimid grid.
A-DU-BAR-A-CADA-BER-A: Sacred tonal mantra aligned to open specific fields within the Archiimid grid.

Sigil of Jamal (Or-Kab-Bin): the 6-pointed Star of David with specific fire-codes and symbols integrated to form the Sigil of Jamal, an ancient-future spinner wheel to form various cohesive fields in the creation matrix of spirit-to-matter atonics.


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