The ET involvement with World Government (OWL), the U.S. Presidency, etc.
– from Thoth Akashic perspective


Thoth on the Origin of Humanity and the Current World Condition

The Tree of Osiris (access for Kyi’Ra Portal Members only)

M-Stra Molecule


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3 thoughts on “Aliens R US

  1. Reblogged this on NESIA Global Interactive and commented:
    hello Maia,
    sorry, I don’t have much time to follow a lot of your material lately, but this video, I listened to and I find it so interesting and encouraging , thank you !

  2. Hi Maia,
    A few weeks ago I somehow found myself listening to Dr. Steven Greer’s 3 hr. u-tube : Dr. Greer 2016/It’s Happened UFO and Aliens. He goes into details about Lawrence Rockefeller and the meetings he had with him which included Bill Clinton as President at that time and Hillary. From Dr. Greer’s prospective Bill Clinton was very much desiring knowing more not only about Higher Intelligent Beings, but also the secret government. According to Dr. Greer it was Hillary who was not since the dangers were and are extreme. It is a long video, but your discernment and others reading this as it’s worth. THANK YOU for the info regarding the M-Stra. Question: Does Thoth have any comments about Dr. Greer and the validity of his work? JC

    1. Aloha Cindy! Well, I can only say that I think Dr. Greer is a truly dedicated servant of “UFO” enlightenment. He does seem to think that ALL aliens are here for our benefit, which I would disagree on…but I may be mistaken about that, since I have not followed him closely.

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