A Walk Through the Past

Just as I completed my hour talk on Aliens R US, I decided to relax and watch a video on Netflix. As I was thumbing through selections, I saw one listed that galvanized my attention. I had no idea why, as to me the title was of no interest to me: The Assassination of President Garfield. I jogged my High School memory (largely absent from my brain) and remembered that he had been assassinated after only a very short time in office. That is all I knew about him, or wished to know. I relegated him to a lackluster President who had the misfortune to be murdered early in his presidency. I don’t know why I thought him to be uninteresting. Probably because I never heard anything else about him, and if he was notable in some way surely the history books would have told me (I know better now, but that had been the impression of years ago which was still cataloged in my brain.)

Yet there I was, just staring at the icon for this documentary on Garfield. So I clicked it, wondering what the pull was. The video started, and there is a photo of Garfield as a young man. It zooms into a close up of his eyes. I am riveted.

Although the man I am looking at in no way physically resembles him…I know I am looking into the soul of Bernie Sanders! This isn’t defined by me as my personal opinion…it is a clear and profound akashic insight. Made even more viable to me by the fact that it came totally unexpected.

But it got even better, when I heard about this man and his presidential platform…the love the people had for him. More people attended his funeral than for Abraham Lincoln!

Seeing his wife, I once again received an akashic rush…it was Jane! Again, no physical resemble, but she was there to me.

IF history repeats itself, perhaps it is better than Bernie not become president. He can do more on the other side of the fence.



I put together these brief clips from that documentary to share with you here.


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