The Reality is Upon Us


We have been dancing around it for a long, long time…but now it is upon us. The video above is stark and presents facts only, but it is not about Hillary Clinton that our decisions to switch the time line must come from. She is only the loaded missile poised on the launch pad right now. It is what is behind her that we must pay attention to. If she goes down in flames with an indictment before the election, our Shining Avenging Angel Bernard Sanders will greatly help to launch our world reality upon another more promising time line. If not, his movement will continue and there is still hope, but…a longer and harder path.

I was told awhile back that the densest time line for this world reality could not be played now…thank God. But we still don’t want the one we are seemingly on now…we really don’t. I say seemingly, as there is a catch 22 in all this. According to my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa, we are now playing out a phantom time line – that is, one produced out of kind of a state of mass hypnosis. If we don’t awaken up from the delusion of it, it will become real.

I just made a video I already posted, which doesn’t include this bit about the phantom, as I didn’t know it then. Phantom time lines was just now handed me from the  “Thoth Streaming Press.”

The Video: Time Lines – Choosing Our Future

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