We (the World) are a Family!


While watching the video below, I teared up. No, I was not just having a “Bernie Moment.” It was more than that. It was an epiphany. I suddenly felt not just “the Bern” but the true fire of being ONE with the family of Earth…of all human beings. I felt in my heart that even if I transitioned tomorrow what happens on the planet now and after I leave it physically, is important to me. It is personal. It matters!

There is that New Age adage “Remember, you are not from here, you only came to help.” This one has always rankled me. My retort would be, “Well if you are here Honey, you were PLANTED for a reason. You have an incarnation and that means roots in the soil of the planet Earth. Sure you should be helping, but you aren’t an overseer, you are one of the People of this world. You are here first and foremost to learn and grow…to consume the nutrients of loving and being loved and become a flower with your face to the sun. None of this “I’m not from here” business…who IS?

So, to come back to the video I have presented here…it made me feel that burn of loving and longing to truly live in an atmosphere of fairness and justice for all; and to know that it will be here for future generations. Can Bernie Sanders to that? Heck no! He has said himself, no president or one person alone can do this. He then called upon the PEOPLE of the United State of America to stand up and walk their talk. WE can do this together. It is a grassroots peaceful but powerful revolution and we must face it and engage it full on, and not just stand around and say, “Well, I’m not from here.”




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