Do Not Enter That World of Despair


It may not have escaped your notice that I am really into getting Bernie Sanders into the White House as POTUS. I have never done this before…I guess you could call it “campaigned” for someone to be elected to an office. At first I felt Sanders was a good guy that didn’t stand a chance against what my inner-planes mentor, Thoth calls the One World Legion…which on it’s surface is the military-industrial complex. However, then I was shown inwardly that the Inner Light Network was indeed in place to support Sanders and that the OWL was already crumbling. These two factors, along with Bernie’s grassroots supporters, will give him an enormus chance not only to become POTUS, but to get things done…maybe not everything, but more than any President in history. Not because he will be the greatest president, but the ONE in place at the RIGHT TIME and with a tremdenous grassroots revolution behind him. Not rallying with picks and shovels, but with common sense and LOVE of all people who wish to make this world a better place to live in for everyone. When Bernie Sanders was recently asked in an interview what word he wished to define him, he said “Compassion.”

I believe at this time and upon these crossroads in history, we CAN become a nation of Compassion and once again an inspiration to the world. Even if Bernie looses this election (I sincerely hope not), the movement he quickened in the People will not end. I snipped this bite out of another video and uploaded, as I feel this strikes at the HEART of our forlorn on-going crisis steadily worsening through time…


full video (still short)



2 thoughts on “Do Not Enter That World of Despair

  1. Maia, it’s me Kaylasa, I just changed my blog’s name 🙂 Bernie is a very inspiring human being not only for you, Americans, but for many of us in other countries as well, because he is the leader we have been waiting for. But as I read your words today, on this post, I realized here in Mexico we can no longer expect to somehow magically appear and become compassion. We have to be compassionate in our own lives, in the roles life has given us. I was born here in Mexico and not in China or in USA for a reason, and you made me understand U have to pay attention to that.

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