Pole Shift and the Electromagnetic Zones


Back in December 2014 ANP reported on a warning sent to NASA and the world by the Inuit Elders, who said that “their sky has changed,” and that the earth has shifted, tilted or as they put it, “wobbled” to the north. The Inuits indigenous people that inhabit the arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland and while not scientists, throughout history their very lives have always depended on being able to forecast the weather. The Inuit also warned that global warming isn’t the cause of what we are seeing with extreme weather, earthquakes and other events.


In the year since that report we have seen evidence of a massive government cover-up occurring, specifically noting back in October 2015, reports of the U.S. government placing “gag orders” on the following agency employees, “The National Weather Service”, the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”, and the “US Department of Commerce,” as was reported by Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch.

A report emailed to ANP this morning from a trusted source shows the government cover-up has intensified and is being noted and addressed by House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith regarding a climate report issued by the NOAA, over objections from its own scientists as whistleblowers have come “forward saying that NOAA fudged their Climate-Change report in order to meet political requirements.”

According to Wiki: A geomagnetic reversal is a change in a planet’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged. The Earth’s field has alternated between periods ofnormal polarity, in which the direction of the field was the same as the present direction, and reverse polarity, in which the field was the opposite. These periods are called chrons. The time spans of chrons are randomly distributed with most being between 0.1 and 1 million years with an average of 450,000 years. Most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. The latest one, the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, occurred 780,000 years ago; and may have happened very quickly, within a human lifetime.[1] A brief complete reversal, known as the Laschamp event, occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last glacial period…….

Are we witnessing a pole shift or a geomagnetic reversal? Are we seeing what the Inuit Elders warned NASA and the world of nearly a year ago, described as the “wobble” with the Earth shifting and the skies changing? If so, is the Government cover-up for the sole purpose of pushing their “man-made” global warming agenda or is there something far more dangerous coming our way to which the government wishes to hide for as long as possible?  – complete article



In 2007 I wrote the following…

In a session I did with Thoth for someone last year, he stated:

“There are at this time 48 electromagnetic zones of the planet earth. 250 years ago there were 32. In that last 5 years, the earth has developed 6 of those zones! Thus, there is a rapid escalation of electromagnetic zones currently being created in the earth as a result of the movement toward LP40 (New Earth Star Ascension).

The average person on earth at this time operates on 1-3 electromagnetic zones. We clarify here that this is a specific type of “other world” or “other dimension.” It has to do with the planet you are incarnated on and it’s higher EM properties. You might see it as horizontal in flow, with more cosmic dimensional existence for the SOUL (beyond incarnation) as being vertical in flow.”

So now (May of 2007) I ask Thoth: When you say “the average person on earth at this time operates on 103 electromagnetic zones” what do you truly mean? Is this to say that they are incarnated in various dimensional “physical” bodes in these zones at the same “time?”

Thoth: Yes, they experience multiply in substance forms – bodies – of various gradients of particles (denser or lighter) within the same time continuum.

Maia: I would assume that each of these forms effects the other – all those in the same time continuum?

Thoth: They are interactive, yes. the form a cohesive unit, like cells in a body. They may not consciously be aware of one another, but on a cellular and DNA level they are in communication. In the dream state this is often brought through to the mind on that level of reflectivity (the dream state).

Maia: a) What is the purpose of electromagnetic zones on a planet? b) Why are they not static? c) What does their rapid increase in number have to do with the New Earth Star Ascension?

Thoth: Electromagnetic zones keep the whole mechanics of a planet stable – from it’s physical rotation and protecting it from a certain amount of cosmic bombardment of magnetic particles, to creating the various planes of it’s dimensionality. This is a large topic, but briefly, without the electromagnetic zones of a planet, it would simply fall apart into chaos. The number of zones can increase or decrease, depending upon the current impelling forces placed upon the planet. The whole electro-magnetic system of a planet is in a dance of balance with the “impelling forces,” such as the many cosmic forces exerted upon it, as well as inter-dimensional forces, being guided by the Greater Intelligences (hierarchies, angelic, El’ohim, etc). The electromagnetic properties of a planet are not intended to shut out these impelling forces, but strike a balance for the planet with them.

As the current earth moves deeper into it’s New Earth Hologram, and thus closer to the New Earth Star Ascension, more electro-magnetic zones are needed to translate, balance and sustain the greater impelling forces being generated by this extremely dynamic move of Old Earth as a System I world, to New Earth as a System II world.

Maia: On January 24th, 2001 one of our spacecraft detected “shock reformation in the Earth’s magnetosphere, predicted only in theory, over 20 years ago.” article

In one article on this subject this shock reformation is described as coming from “Giant whirlpools of electrically charged gas, some 40 000 kilometers across… these whirlpools inject electrified gas into the magnetic environment of the Earth….The magnetic field generated inside the Earth protects the planet from the electrically charged particles given out by the Sun. However, it is only a partially effective shield…whirlpools of plasma can be whipped up by this configuration…Such whirlpools are known as Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities and scientists suspected them of being the location of magnetic reconnection but no one had found any conclusive evidence that this was the case. ” web source

It would seem obvious that these whirlpools effect the electromagnetic system of earth. Just how do they impact the electromagnetic zones, and thus our evolution as a planet into a World system II?

Thoth: The whirlpools of electrically charged gas and plasma are the fuel for the electromagnetic zones – they supply the zones and indeed the whole planetary electromagnetic system of earth with it’s ability to sustain and balance all its internal and external forces. The electro-plasma is driven to a quantum state in which it is constantly moving in and out of the different zones and helping to create the necessary new ones through this quantum action. The Lotus Loci Light Plasma creational forms of the New Earth are refined forms of this same type of plasma activity.

Maia: Back to the subject of a soul incarnating in 2 or more electro-magnetic zones within the same time continuum. You have told me in the past that while not average, it is not rare for a soul to have more than one incarnation in the same electromagnetic zone. This is another topic, so won’t go off on it here, but why does the soul sometimes need more than one incarnating vehicle in the same time continuum?

Thoth: When a soul incarnates in different electromagnetic zones within the same time continuum, it is arranging it’s experiential focus according to the needs of it’s entire magna or over-soul (the greater “Soul” sending streams down into bodily incarnations). When a soul incarnates into several bodies within the same electromagnetic zone, it is splintering it’s focus in order to avoid the full charge of the experience. This “avoidance” can be beneficial or it can be contra-productive, depending on many factors.


November, 2015

I requested an update from Thoth on all of this and received that quite simply, it all comes together to create more and more electromagnetic zones on the planet. So what is the purpose of multiplying them?

Thoth: Think of it has deepening the dimensional spectrum of the planet. When a critical point is reached, where a certain number of EM zones have been created there is a “nova” effect created. This is a burst of LIGHT – the Light Principle Forty Ascension trigger.

Maia: So what Thoth is saying is that as we deepen the EM radius, a vortex of EM frequencies is whipped together which will then cause the Singularity of LP 40!


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