There is a changing of the guard occurring at a very deep level on the Global scene, beginning with the USA, since it is the main operations station for the One World Legion (OWL) or what is sometimes referred to as the Global Secret Government. I believe this is evidenced by the parody of players running for President (excluding Bernie Sanders). The ancient strains of evil (and I rarely use that word) are playing on a long encased violin – creaking and sobbing with the discordant strains of Nevermore.

The time has indeed come for the Old Guard to be revealed for what they are – their masks crumbling to dust. The deeply rooted tree that spawned them is toppling.

But why now? The world would have done well to cut away this tree a long time ago. As it is explained to me through the Thothic Streaming, certain cosmic factors had to align in order for the human race to re-connect to their starlight, awakening to who they are and why they are.





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