Paris Attacks

This so aligns with I have received from Thoth! He said yesterday to me that there is no ISIS – it is a cover for Global Power interests.


4 thoughts on “Paris Attacks

  1. This is just what I was telling yesterday to my life partner and a friend. And of course FEAR is not the way for thoughts and acts to answer back. The only way out is LOVE as a background to every step taken.

  2. dear Maia,
    I’m living not far from Brussels and work in Brussels, can you give a bit more information about how dealing with this “state of emergency situation” which is going on right now ? Since Saturday (21 Nov) the secret service and police forces in Belgium declared state 4 : this is the highest treath for the public concerning terroristsic attacks and the population is asked not to take public transport, in Brussels the metro does not ride at all, and not to go to football matches or marketplaces, shoppingmalls etc…
    thanks ! and take care

    1. Ooooh Kathleen I am so sorry! For you and all the innocents involved. There is not much I can suggest but to ride it out and stay in prayerful heart center. Remember, it is NOT a “them or us.” This is what is attempting to be impressed upon the world at this time. Stay in loving control of your own thoughts and emotions!

  3. dear Maia,
    OK and now worries, I just find it interesting to hear your or an alternative voice in all this
    I certainly do that, I’m not in panic, but I’m carefull, I’m working home today like many colleagues…..this is Mondaymorning and the 3th day they try to find one of the terrorists who could apparently escape from Paris during the attacks. They assume he’s still planning actions in Brussels or near surroundings, Daily life will +-restart soon I think
    bye for now !

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