No Longer Hidden


It is obvious that we can no longer say the truth about extraterrestrial presence and operations with world governments is hidden. Certainly many of the details have not come to light, but I really do believe that most people who can access the internet either believe in ET presence here or think it entirely possible. The really scary thing is…..most people simply do not care.


One thought on “No Longer Hidden

  1. Maia, I agreed with your perspective here, The scariest thing is the indifference of some human beings when it comes to topics like ascension, ETs, global warming and even the existence of God! Or people that have been so “brainwashed” by the system that they immeditely, automatically sya nothing related to UFOs is true, or compare the holy books (Vedas, Bible, etc.) to fairy tales….and when you ask these people they have never read a Bible, so they became atheists not for true conviction, but because they simply don’t care or they had negative experiences with believers as ignorant as they are.

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