Those Among Us

photograph taken by George Adamski of a star being woman outside of a space ship
photograph taken of a Kindred star being woman standing outside of a spaceship

We see and read a lot about the intrusive Greys, Insectoids and Lizzies, among others – the fodder of nightmares. But they do exist. Although they occupy only a very small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum we live in. The problem is, human beings tend to focus on their fears. The emotion of fear  is active within the electromagnetic slice through which the “Intruders” can probe us. The others are those here to help and guide us, and are part of our genetic family – they are the Kindred. I have written on the Intruders and the Kindred before, but recently I saw an especially good video on the Kindred and consequently felt prompted to share some more on this topic. It is interesting that those who report the Intruders rarely mention the Kindred, and if they do it is only in passing. Those who document the Kindred usually completely ignore the Intruders. Yet both move among us.

The video I am presenting below focuses on the Kindred. These come from various planets, dimensions and times, but they are for the most part, a cohesive unit – for they are connected both physically and photonically. You might say that they all commune through the universal web of Metatronic Light.

This video caused me to think once again upon a specific incident in my life – one of many – in which physically (or apparent physical) interaction with the Kindred took place for me. It was in January, 1973. I remember the date, as a specific “mission” was given me to accomplish by my Kindred Friends at that time. I was to travel from my home in San Antonio, Texas to the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico. There I was to perform an energy process. I have written about it in detail in my book BLUE STAR LOVE – yes Elvis was in the building for this event. To find out just how though, you will need to read my book.

The incident I wish to relate took place in the airplane, while we (my mother and three friends and I) were bound for Mexico. Prior to leaving, my Kindred Friends had informed me telepathically that they would be accompanying our plane. Sometime during the flight, the captain announced to the passengers that if those on the right side of the plane  would look out the window they might see a “UFO” flying along with our aircraft! Then he added, “well it is not really a UFO, but just looks like it. It is a reflection on the clouds.”  It was obvious to us that it really was our Kindred escorting the plane – and the pilot very likely knew it was not a reflection on the clouds! However, he had to debunk his statement in order to keep his job. Also of note, we were on the left side of the aircraft, so would not have known about the escort being visible had the captain not announced it.

When we landed and were just standing up to get our things ready to de-plane, a man came down the isle and stopped in front of me and said he was the captain of the aircraft and could he please have his picture taken with me? He had a camera in hand! Oookay…this was strange. But I was young – 24 to be exact, so I just thought he had a penchant for redheads lol. My mother takes the picture with his camera, and then (because he was nice-looking and again..I was young) I asked her to take one of us with my camera. Whenever I saw this picture in the many years past, I simply found it amusing, as I have a dorky smile on my face and his cap seems too big for his head. But when I looked at it again yesterday I realized that he didn’t have a “penchant for redheads.” I now believe he was on a mission…which required him to photograph us together. He was either one of the Kindred (as many live and work among us) or working with them via the Inner Light Network.

The Captain and the Redhead
The Captain and the Redhead


The following video is a bit long, but it is very good! I watched it in segments and it totally held my interest. Definately not the run-of-the-mill You Tube UFO documentary.

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5 thoughts on “Those Among Us

  1. It’s extraordinary to see you with the “pilot” by your side. THANK YOU for sharing it with us. You look there like being a “visitor” yourself, which of course YOU ARE. (Smile)

    Later that very same year, I visited Tehotiuacan, coming from Spain. I climbed in awe the Pyramid of the Sun, but it was at the top of the Pyramid of the Moon where “I had to” remain connecting deeply with the site in an spontaneous meditation, which brought me to a feeling of great expansion and a profound emotion of belonging…

  2. Hi Maia,

    Thank you for this article, I found it very interesting. I noticed something curious in the video and I have watched the clip several times now to be certain I wasn’t imagining it. When William Sherwood is being interviewed on the park bench (48:15 mins) with a woman sitting beside him; the woman is lip synching everything William is saying in perfect synch with him, she is not copying him but rather silently speaking in perfect tandem with him. Use the full screen mode when viewing it to see it clearly.

    Many Thanks, Andy

  3. Yes Andy, I saw THE VERY SAME THING when I watched it! Then the camera person I think, notices it too, and suddenly very quickly zooms the camera in so she is cut out of the picture. I was thinking…he is not reading a script – at least so it seems. And she is not looking at him and yet she is speaking RIGHT with him! Wierd!

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