The Rendlesham Code & Hy Brasil

This information really belongs in two of my many blogs, so re-blogging in The Crystalline Matrix.

depiction of Rendlesham Forest incident
depiction of Rendlesham Forest incident

I was watching a video on the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO landing by a US military base in the UK in 1980. Discussed, was the binary code given to one of the officers when he touched a symbol on the space craft. In 2010 it was deciphered through a binary coding computer (not available in 1980).


and then gave some Earth-planet coordinates. The “Source” for these coordinates being right where the legendary Hy Brasil was said to exist!

You can read about the Rendlesham Forest occurrence and the binary code HERE. Make sure and click on the link at the bottom of the page: “Official Rendlesham Binary Code Decipher Page.”

The following short video gives some basic info on Hy Brasil

I then went to my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa . . .

Maia: Thoth, was the spacecraft that landed in Rendlesham Forest from the future of this Earth?

Thoth: From your “future” yes, but from several different planets who guardian and assist Earth. That particular “mission” originates from the Earth base located in the Atlantic Ocean referred to in the past as “Hy Brasil.” It can appear and disappear in “Brigadoon” fashion, depending on certain magnetic fluctuations of the planet. In other words whole cities, islands or even large land masses, can time travel through the magnetic fluxes.

Hy Brazil on old map
Hy Brazil on old map – click to enlarge image

The particular “future” these beings come from is on the cusp of the New Earth experience, where the Earth is fully abiding within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix. . . the holographic pyramids are activated and a new world dimension is being experienced and explored.

Maia: Do you mean the first stage of the New Earth you call Numis OM?

Thoth: No, this is the bridging to that realm. Understand the the PRM (Pyramidis Radius Matrix) is a bridge. . .between where you are now in “Awakening” and the first stage of the “New Earth.”

Maia: I am somewhat confused. So when does the LP40 you have referred to since 1979 (through my communion with you), take place….the planetary Ascension?

Thoth: As the “division of worlds” occurs (LP40), so the PRM takes full presence, and those “Ascending” vibrationally move into the transitional state and become aware of the full presence of the PRM. It will seem as if they live in this state for many years, but there are no “years” involved – no time as it was known before. It is then that individuals begin to become aware of the Numis OM through the holographic pyramids of the PRM. We gave you information on these “temples” previously. They are “in” Numis OM…but only as the holographic pyramids of the PRM begin to awaken individuals to that plane of receipt.

Maia: so what could we call the state of the fully realized Pyramidis Radius Matrix?

Thoth: The 9.625 Radius Field or Pyramidis Hyper-Zone (PHZ).

 Maia: Back to these beings that landed in Rendlesham Forest and their home base of “Hy Brasil” – can you tell me more about this?

Thoth: The name of the island-city is Euraza’el. The inhabitants are a combination of Other-World and Human-Earth. The genetics of all are related…they are among the Kindred.

The purpose of Euraza’el and it’s inhabitants is to ensure that all the fractured time lines of Earth are gathered and healed into a cohesive wave-form. There are other such “cities” in the PHZ, but Euraza’el is the central city in this regard.

James Penniston (who touched the symbol on the craft and received the binary code) abides in Euraza’el in his future form. He was not on the craft itself – no one was. It was intelligently operated from the PHZ (a drone). James was involved on both sides of the playing field – Earth, 1980 and Earth in the PHZ.

Maia: So then many humans now on Earth in our “current” time are also in the PHZ – just as they in even further experience – are in the Numis OM of the New Earth?

Thoth: Certainly. It is indivisible.

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