We Are From the Future

We Are From the Future
is a profound activational video! Now you could say all input in life is “activational” and that is certainly true. However, I use this term only for things which bring us to a more coherent and specifically positive point of enlightenment…taking this cue from my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

Thoth speaks to me of all time existing simultaneously, which is hardly a new idea for many these days. When he first brought it to my attention it was less realized, as it was in the 1970’s. When he refers to the “New Earth Star” of our future, he often qualifies it as being in our “Now” if we but open the experience of “Now” to include it.

When what my mentor calls Light Principle Forty (LP-40) occurs, enough of humanity on this planet will have brought the “future” into the now for the world Ascension to take place and we will then become the New Earth Star.

While we watch in horror at what it appears our world is becoming, we must, must see beyond the “movie” and into the heart of our Destiny as a world of LIGHT! It is our “destiny” because that is what we ARE – out of time and space…we are Light.

As many of you know, Thoth guides me to create activational videos within which he integrates light encoding to boost this process of quantum enlightenment. The video below is not one of mine (I wish!), but it is superb in this regard, and I encourage you to watch it.

 We Art From The Future website

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