The Dogon Transmissions

There are many paths opening up now from the “Higher Realms” to aid the Earth, humanity, and all life on this planet. Humans tend to assume that everyone else in the universe thinks like they do…maybe more or less advanced in technology or in spirituality…or both – but all moving in the same lanes, just at varying speeds. This is far from the truth. Even our “Kindred” as they call themselves – those other world being who are spiritually advanced genetic relatives – see and do things differently that we do. For them, it is due to a more expanded vision. When the inner landscape is vaster, the texture is richer and the colors more vivid…then the picture changes. Our Kindred love us beyond the meaning we give to “love.” Those of us who see ourselves (’cause we really work at it)  more spiritually awakened than the masses, think mebbe we know. Well, we are just beginning to know…just a tiny bit. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa  assures me however, that we are far yet in the understanding and application of “Love.”

In the greater design, the feeling we know as Love is really EVERYTHING all resonating as ONE…I mean everything. You would think that with all the war, greed and suffering we cause one another, this “everything” would be a chaotic nightmare…because that is how we see it in the here and now. That is our vision of it…our landscape in the Great Blurry. Thoth and his Kind do not dismiss the “reality” of our view and the pain it brings to us. They understand deeply and completely. It is not an illusion that people suffer and die at the hands of their human family members.

Here is an analogy given to me by Thoth that may lend some insights into the Bigger Picture…

See each human being, each living creature, each situation caused by living creatures; as creating a magnetic field…it is then, a magnet. Everything that is attracted to the field that is not “nailed down” is going to break up into little pieces by the forces of all these different fields. The particles from the broken up stuff are going to come flying toward that which attracts them and glom onto it…so much so, that the person or situation appears not as the being’s on true field, but as all the particles molding together a “creature” on top of that field…to appear entirely different and acting differently that the true nature of that being. (This is true also as groups of people creating as one entity a magnetic field).

What we see, what we react to, what we then create from that reaction…is largely derived from refuse…garbage fragments from tither and yon…just heaped into an inglorious pile onto all these many, many magnetic fields!

WHY do we attract these things in the first place? Because we have defective signals hot-wired into our DNA. Now here I am treading on shaky ground. I wish to be very clear about this (or rather Thoth wishes me to be). We are not victims – poor, humans that got snatched up and tampered with by those nasty Annunaki-Nephilim characters. No. The souls of humanity engaged on some level, everything that we find within us. Yes, our DNA was tampered with…long story, but for this article the part that is important is that our ancestors’ DNA codes were modified to strip certain protective elements from it. This was handy for the “A Team” in creating their “workers”, but it was a poor choice for the human race.

That said…let us imagine how “we” and our “world” look to someone like the Illuminari ThothHorRa. They are certainly aware of, and capable of viewing our “magnetic personalities” and all the filaments we collect and call our own; but they see past that…way past. They are able to LOVE all into it’s highest potential in their sight. They see us for who we really are.

In doing so, they are able to help us in ways we cannot even comprehend.  Remember, that while they see us on all levels, they know us at the core of our beautiful beings! That then, is the level of sight they focus on…the radiant.

There was also a burp in the universal spectrum which went a step further than the DNA tampering, and has caused a block in our DNA that would keep us from re-forming into the Pure Gem bodies Thoth speaks to me about.

However, do not despair, for very specific signals are now being received into our DNA to clear  the “blockage.” They are coming from vibrational signals sent to us many eons ago, that we are just now becoming receptive to. There is not just one path for such signals…but many.

Just in the last few days, Thoth brought to my attention what he is calling the Dogon Transmissions.  These DNA repair signals were sent eons ago through the Dogon Tribe of Africa – and from them, into the stones and tectonic plates of Earth. The signals were first placed into the Dogon People by a grouping from the star Sirius.

Many of us may be wondering why the “Good Guys’ don’t land and scoop us up and take us to a  better place…or maybe just “fix things” for us on planet Earth. They are not doing any of this. What they ARE doing is LOVING us into the New Creation…and that Creation is singing back to us to mend what is “broken” and create wholeness out of empty space. So yes indeed…”WE are the ones we have been waiting for!” Yet our Kindred are here for us…aiding our own process to find ourselves as shining gems among the magnetic rubble.

A word about the Sirians as one of our Guardian Kindred…

Thoth shares with me that the Sirians “gave us” a part of their “memory” in order that we may “remember” the way home. Not necessarily to Sirius (unless you hail from there), but through the aperture of reference Sirius creates as the “Still Point” between (energetically speaking) the Blue Star Rigel and the Pleiades. You might say that Sirius is the star Peter Pan pointed out to Wendy to fly toward…not to land on the star, but to show us the way “home.” I am sure there is much more than I understand at this time from Thoth about the memory quanta handed to us by the Sirians, but I can say, that it is tucked into our DNA…just waiting for the signals to activate it.

Thoth requested that I create an activational video…simply to aid one in attuning to this frequency…kind of a booster code. It is already pouring into your DNA as you read this, but my little video contains (so Thoth tells me) some “attention codes” he calls them. These are not the visible things you will see in the video, but the unseen which Thoth has integrated within the balance of the presentation. The yummy recipe of Light, color, images, sound and…codes, altogether formulated to polish the natural receipt.

 At this time, this video is exclusively within my Kyi’Ra Portal…members CLICK HERE to receive the Vimeo link and password. Not a member and wish to be? CLICK HEREIn the near future I will also have The Dogon Transmissions in my new VOLUTION store that is not up yet.

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