Thoth on the Middle East

Sadly, as timely today as it was in 2006.


Thoth (2006): This conflict and in-bred hatred among the ruling powers and certain fundamentalist factions of both these nations of people began long before these nations, cultures or religions existed. It comes from a primal struggle in another star system that was transposed here through what is referred to Biblically as the “Nephilim.”

Factions of the Nephilim strove for power on this earth which eventually spread into their descendants who inter-bred with humans already on the planet at that time. This history is really not important, other than to understand that it has seeded genetic memory which compels the conflict forward through time.

The only way for the neurons in the brains of the succeeding generations to be cleared of this programming (instilled memory) is for souls of greater LIGHT VIBRATION than what is held within the DNA of the current generation carrying this genetic memory to incarnate into these genetic lines and thereby LIFT the vibratory frequency in the DNA to a level that will clear the old programmed circuitry, creating new neuronic channels in the brain.|

Such Light strains which we call the CHILDREN OF THE DIVINE RAYS are now, and will continue, to be drawn into embodiment into these warring generations. Soon, they will virtually pour into these genetic strains and will then be able to genetically consume and transmute the energies which assume roles as usurpers of TRUTH among the People of God. This will not come easily. It will not come without more conflict and suffering. But it WILL be reconciled before the New Earth Star claims it’s own.

[from the same 2006 article, my former husband Simeon Nartoomid continues below]

I [Simeon] will thus relate this information to you in my own words as a compilation of previous knowledge gleaned from Thoth [through Maia] merged with the new information we gleaned from our current interactions with him.

The star system Thoth is speaking of in the message above is “Argo”. The energies of the Nephilimic activities Thoth refers to that are causing the problems on earth right now were projected through the Sirian star system. We write about the significance of the Sirian system to the conflicts in the Middle East in a lot of detail in our article entitled “Mecca and Jerusalem ~ the Black Cube Kabba and the Cube of Stars” which appears in Issue 04 of 1997 Temple Doors (note 2014: soon these issues will only be available in my Kyi’Ra Portal).

In brief the three stars of the Sirian system have anchoring points roughly in Jerusalem, Mecca and an obscure town geographically located between these two cities named Al Wadjh. Through these three key axiotonal points on the earth’s crystalline grid galactic level karma is being balanced through the experience of humanity. It’s a long complicated story, but the key understanding we have received which is needed for this article is that the earth itself is integral to this process of balancing galactic karma and was made manifest by the Brother/sisterhoods of Light for this purpose.

Thoth also now relates to us that what he herein refers to as the “Children of the Divine Rays” are a specific grouping of souls that hail from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. All ensouled beings are truly born of divine rayship, but Thoth uses this term to specifically refer to this specific grouping of beings. Additionally, Thoth also related to us that within this grouping of beings on earth there is also a sub-grouping of them working within a very specific Program of Light he refers to as the “Mahalim.” He explained to us that this program has been with the earth for a long time, but that we have recently entered into a new octave of it wherein the old paradigm modalities used previously have been transformed into harmonics which resonate more fully with Numis’OM and the New Earth Star realities opening the door for quantum shifts to occur more easefully.

Additionally, for those of you who are familiar with our previous materials where the Solarian Light Races are spoken of, Thoth indicates that what he refers to as the “Children of the Divine Rays” are all Solarians as well. He also says that the reverse is not necessarily true: that all Solarians are not necessarily within the grouping of beings known to him as the “Children of the Divine Rays.”

The essence of this is that right now we have these Children of the Divine Rays pouring into incarnation in human bodies all over the earth. They are for the most part the unsung heros of our planet right now. Some of these souls are appearing in the matrix which has been termed the “Indigo Children,” many of whom have chosen situations that well support them in manifesting very high levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Others are incarnating into horribly dense situations to transform them through application of the love that they are to whatever degree they can given that they often do not receive much vibrational support from those around them like many of the souls termed the Indigo Children do. It is important that we recognize all the stations these beings hold and honor them all. It is not karma that draws these souls into the earth into difficult or easy situations, but LOVE, and this is true for all souls.


Maia 2014

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