Going Deeply into Communion

As many of you know, I have quite a few blogs and websites. I was led to the following video, and thus topic that I find extremely profound. Yet it is so unique, I wasn’t sure which site I should place it on. My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa nudged me to put it on Tribelight, as it is a core KEY to aiding People in this challenging and yet amazing time on the planet.

The subject is something I had never heard of before: IADC Therapy…or rather the science behind it. “IADC” stands for  “induced after-death communication.” Yet the first step and in and of itself be healing, even before you get to the “after-death” part.

Dr. Allan L. Botkin, Psy.D. who developed the specific IADC Therapy protocol, uses it for deep emotional distress, such as PTSD. However, I took this to Thoth, asking if it might not help with physical health as well. He agreed, saying that all physical imbalances and ailments are of course effected by the nervous system, which is largely controlled through the emotional responses in the brain. While I am sure working with a trained therapist would be the best way to go, I feel (and Thoth concurs) that individuals can work with it on their own with success – if they are really dedicated to doing so, and put aside preconceptions  about the results. That is, what kind of “results” will be presented to them to embrace fully.

I have rarely been this impressed as I am about IADC – a science and technique I never knew existed before. I urge you to watch this video…for yourself or a loved one. Beneath the video I have placed a link to the IADC Therapy website.

IADC Therapy website



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