The Bigfoot Cometh – Time to Reconnect

from Tod Standing’s video of Sasquatch

As with all things “hidden” now…they are being revealed. This is true for a kindred creature who has long been with us which we call Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti, among other names. There is no doubt in my mind that Tod Standing’s “Sylvanic Bigfoot” video footage is genuine. I first accessed this creature from the Akasha when I was in my early twenties…and wrote about it in my book RED TREE.  However, I was skimming the surface about them at that time and did not get the deeper understanding then. Basically what I wrote in Red Tree, was that the People of Mu had done some genetic experiments which result in what we call Bigfoot. I know now, that this is only a tiny bit of the story.

Very basically – what I feel that I know at this time:

At some point in the history of Mu there were a grouping of biologists who chose to experiment genetically with primates, inserting human DNA into them. The purpose seems to be to create a path into the “other” realm of Earth then forming…a denser reality in which the primates existed. Understand that the original “world” of Earth was a dimensional my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa refers to as the LOTUS. As the Earth began denser in consciousness (we won’t go into the reasons for that here), so there were those in this peripheral “edge” of the LOTUS who wished to attempt a bridging…to create a human form that could exist in that lower vibrational realm.

When the LOTUS Earth began to become aware of the PRIMORDIAL Earth…the two dimensions touching….so the LOTUS beings saw the writing on the wall, you could say; and knew that their world dimension was breaking up, dissolving and being replaced by the Primordial. Now what was really going on was all inside the consciousness of the LOTUS beings, effecting the consciousness of the Primordial beings. There is nothing else. All “matter” and “reality” comes from consciousness. The term “consciousness” as I am using it, and as Thoth uses it, is beyond what we think we know about it. This is a large area of understanding and off-topic on what I am attempting to relate about Bigfoot here, so I am just touching on it in order to explain why the MU People chose to experiment with Primordial DNA.

This experimentation did not work out well. It was abandoned. Yet the creatures created through it remained and propagated. Eons later, other-world biologists took an interest in the creatures and began to further manipulate their DNA. These “other-world biologists” are not from worlds aligned under what Thoth calls the Unimanity Pact of the Councils of Light, so they do pretty much what they want to here (there are limitations), using Earth as a farming and DNA experimental area. Due to the eons of “developing” the Sasquatch-Yeti creatures, these beings are now inter-dimensional and can move through the many portals of Earth…although their capacity for inter-dimensional travel is narrowly set. They use the portals mostly when they are “called” through by their “Hosts” – those other-world beings who manipulate them. This does not imply that they are robots or robot-like. They are sensing, feeling Earth beings. Humans as well, have been genetically manipulated and are sometimes taken or “called” for similar purposes by such Hosts. Yet such manipulation is always limited. It cannot over-take a species on this planet, because this EARTH is a sacred place. It contains – embedded in the stone, that which is the “Foundation of Heaven” as Thoth calls it. So why do the Universal Councils of Light allow this?

WE are responsible for our consciousness. No one else. Not even Jesus or Buddha. When we make the shift of consciousness on this planet, so the interference will simply vanish from our energy fields.

The Angels, Illuminari, Ultra-terrestrials, etc can help us to help ourselves, but they cannot do the work for us.

Taken from the Standing video as well, the above being is obviously quite different and even more human-looking than the first one at the top of this page I get the sense that this one may be a female.

To me, there is true spiritual beauty in this face…at least on a level that I, in human form can identify with. Just because the “ETs” are genetically manipulating these creatures does not mean that the creatures are “bad.” What these ETs wish to do is to create a being that has the M-Stra molecule we possess, but is largely not used by humans. Part of their experimentation is to go through the back door with the Sasquatch. That is really over-simplifying it, but I am trying to give a basic understanding. This is a very complex subject. The Ultras are working now with some of these Sasquatch who are already more “human” from the ET experiments, to invoke in them naturally a higher sense of spiritual purpose. This is possible, and is taking place. Thoth indicates to me that they ARE the missing link in the sense that they hold a major clue to our genetic history and to our future. At this writing, he will not elaborate further to me. So there is much, much more to this story than I am able to related at this time.

The following video is a snippet from Tod Standing’s videos that you can buy…to see more dramatic footage. Yes, he and his organization are selling these. It costs a lot of money to do the detailed research they are about. The high-tech equipment alone is a major expense. They have the scenes slowed in places so you can see it better…notice the one Sasquatch blink. He has a very real non-human eyelid.

Then there is this longer radio interview by Whitley Strieber of Ronald Morehouse on his long-time Bigfoot research. Sasquatch DNA has been tested by a university and found to be like no known animal or human species. The most amazing thing on this interview is listening to the recordings of Sasquatch language being spoken by them. It IS a language! It is being studied by a language expert. It seems to have an oriental basis, but it in itself is totally unknown. If the Sasquatch separated from their Yeti kindred and came across the land bridge from Asia, this would make sense.

Morehouse does not mention the Standing video, but I believe this interview was given before Tod’s dramatic video tape of these creatures close-up.

To be continued… 


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