The All-Seeing Eye

Upon the Cathedral in Aachen, Germany. Thoth considers this cathedral very central to sacred geometry and ley lines on the planet.

The All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill has become the boogie-man for many, believed to be a symbol of the Masons and by proxy then, the Illuminati. The other day this symbol came up in a Life Pulse session I was doing, and I was reminded of all Thoth has revealed to me on this subject. This prompted me to address some of it here, with the readers of Tribelight Station.

First, I wish to say that Thoth does not like me to use the name “Illuminati.” He has told me repeatedly that it is not  a true title for anything or anyone, and what it is generally applied to – those in control of the hidden agendas of the world – is not appropriate.  According to Thoth, there is no such Order or formal grouping which could be identified as such. Further, he states that the very name was conjured by those of worldly power, in order to create more illusion and fear. The term he uses for the “Elite” or “New World Order” is “One World Legion” or OWL.

I asked Thoth: Well, if the OWL exists, then isn’t “Illuminati” just another name for them? His reply was no. They have carefully created the Illuminati story – what it is, it’s history and how it operates – and fed this to those who would listen, so they focus their attention on the empty hand, while the full hand reaches deeper into many pockets. Some of  the Illuminati story is true – they always mix fiction with fact, to make it all appear more legitimate. They are masters of hiding in plain site.

Thoth’s history (in brief) of the All-Seeing Eye

The EYE was first used in the context of enlightened vision, in the latter days of Atlantis. It was placed with a triangle representing the Sacred Three: Atapu (Seeding), Kiva (Birthing) and Nagha (The Creation). This Eye-Triangle was then affixed as a seal upon items transported from Atlantis into AU’Gyptos the Lands which would be later know as Egypt (also sometimes simply called A’Egyptos). Anything which bore this seal was not to be kept apart in transport and then delivered directly and with great respect vibrationally, to it’s destination – usually a temple or other sacred place.

The EYE represented to the Atlanteans the Eye of Ra, exposed by the “Tear” in the Universe – a cosmic tear in the membrane of this universal continuum, to be found within the Great Vault of Orion.  The “Eye”  is the spherical Zero Point caused by it, from which pours the “Sight” of Ra…massive amounts of a specific type of what scientists are now referring to as “Dark Matter.” This is a large topic we won’t pursue in this article, but suffice to say, the Eye of Ra is the central “engine” to the dynamo of this Universe. (read more on the Eye of Ra and the Universal Tear)

Thus, the symbol of the EYE within the defining parameter of the SACRED THREE, was a powerful symbol – what Thoth would call a Living Symbol. Such symbols  have accumulated so much positive, powerful energy through the ages past, they cannot be violated and are now almost “alive” with the Presence they represent.

The so-called “Elite” or what could truly be called the One World Legion, does not take this symbol for their own. They instead, attempt to desecrate it by perpetrating a false truth about it.

The Masonic Core are dedicated Servants of the Light (as the Core calls itself). The outer Masons are basically ordinary people who are attracted to mystery and secret things…or it is part of a family tradition to become a Mason. But this outer order is only a play pen. There are pockets of OWL who indulge themselves in secret knowledge in order to enrich their inventory of power. Through long-standing family traditions they glean Masonic texts and verbal heritage, compiling a “Masonic” nest for themselves. But they are simply Myna Birds snatching shiny bits that have fallen out of a rich purse.

Secret Orders in and of themselves have an ominous reputation in these times. It is assumed that if it is not “transparent” then it is nasty business. Thoth would disagree. Many secret operations are nefarious…many however, are not. Throughout cycles of time, to reveal sacred truths which could be employed with physically powerful consequences, was not a wise or responsible thing to do. Nor is it to this day. It is true that the world as a whole is not yet ready for the power that would be unleashed by certain scientific revelations. Ironically, this is the very excuse those of the OWL give for keeping secrets. However, they attach an addendum to this, by saying that they are, indeed wise enough and worthy enough to not only be the Keeper of these secrets but the wielder of the power they contain as well.

One must remember that the OWL at large are not the core factor – the true controllers. The Architects at their core hold this position of power. What Thoth calls the One World Legion is not a card-carrying organization. It is more of a tightly bound Family – as they are all by this time, more related to each other closer genetically than they are to the rest of the human race.

A key of interest in this story is that Thoth’s soul incarnated as Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder of King Solomon, from whence the Masonic Order historically is said to have begun. In fact, it dates back to Atlantis – but it was Hiram Abiff who set the Seal of the All-Seeing Eye upon the Foundation Stone of Solomon’s temple. From him, was passed on the Pre-Deluge Living Symbols and Keys of Enoch, into a select grouping of men and women…later to become (men only by that time) the Masons.

In conclusion, the All-Seeing Eye is a symbol of the Illumined and not the “Illuminati.” The OWL prefers you think otherwise…that it is a symbol of their fabricated Illuminati.

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3 thoughts on “The All-Seeing Eye

  1. Sistar, this article and other articles I´ve read in the past have made me believe the books published by Dan Brown on the topic of the Holy Grail and the Illuminatis are part of the OWL attempts to confuse people. Actually, I have an extensive research made by an English woman about the figure of the anti-christ, and how that myth has been used by a certain group pf people to distract the public from the true anti-christ. It is a complicated topic, and I’ll look for the link of the book. But I do believe Dan Brown is part of this net of lies, even though his books seem so real and authentic, he spreads the truth but at the same time misinforms in strategically planned aspects in my opinion. I also believe the whole 666, demons and Devil thing is a great mixture of truth and lies designed to keep us from being wiser and more evolved as human beings….actually one day, during a meditation, I received 666 was a number for protection from evil, for consiousness and a code to explain the Fall of Atlantis.

    1. While I have not read Dan Brown’s books, what I have read in reference to it, I tend to agree that it contains a lot of mis-information. It is important to realize tho, that MOST who spread misinformation do not do so knowingly, but are carefully fed it…especially those who have a public platform.

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