A Declaration of Freedom!

This is powerful and covers a great deal of spiritual-physical territory. When you listen to it, and read the words as the roll by – if you agree with the statement, make it your declaration to the Universe – feeling it enter your being and project outward from your communication centers.

video by David Lear
statement by Andrew Barzis

Published on Nov 1, 2013

The wording used in this video is designed to identify and remove many layers of negative banking-related programming hidden within us. This is a powerful tool for regaining personal sovereignty.

My own feeling is that this type of personal declaration is most potent 1) when voiced out loud – with feeling, and 2) when done more than once.

The banking-related contract removal wording used in this video is from Andrew Barzis’. Many, many thanks to Andrew for these inspired, potent words of contract removal, and for all the other ways he’s helping with the ongoing paradigm shift.


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