Mount Hermon – Angels or Demons?

I didn’t have the Tribelight Station blog site when I wrote this…if I had it would have gone here, so I am re-blogging it now.

Islands in the Stream

Mount Hermon, Israel

About five days ago I had a vision – inside my head, but quite clear even if only lasting a few seconds. It was in the daytime and I was at my computer, not doing anything especially spiritual or cosmic.

I saw a man in a white robe, whom I knew was I’shoa (Jesus). He turned to his right and reached down to a large stone at the level of this thigh. He touched the fingers of his right hand upon the top of it and said, “It all begins here.” I did not hear him speak – I simply knew that he did and what he said.

I had absolutely no reference for this, nothing I had been recently thinking about or watching on TV or reading…nothing.

Yesterday I wrote to my Israeli friend, Fredaricka and told her about it…as I also “knew” that the location…

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