Inter-Species Communion: an Act of ONENESS

Before we can expect to embrace the “Other” among us – those beings from various star systems who have been with us here on Earth for eons – and those just passing through…to feel and understand them and their varied intentions toward us…to open our hearts to some and to leave the frequency world of the more intrusive beings behind (not to cast them out, but to dis-engage), we must come to recognize who we are as a species. Not the history of US but the ESSENCE of us. We begin that process by opening to those with whom we share this planet as “home” – those we call “animals.”

Most of you reading this are at least open to the ability of some humans to communicate with animals. For the human not only to read the animals mind, but to communicate with them as a two-way connection. However, it is not something that just some humans are capable of. We are all able to do this…”if we but believe” as the Master I’shoa (Jesus) said. How? Once we believe…we acknowledge the truth of this and our minds and hearts are open to it, our world will change. We don’t have to have access to wild animals or spend a lot of time visiting animal shelters…we don’t even need to have a pet. The presence of thinking, feeling non-human life forms are all around us, even in the cities. We are just less aware of it when concrete surrounds us and cuts off our natural frequencies.

If you open to communing with nature (plants have a certain from of consciousness as well), it will happen for you. The morphogenetic field all living things on Earth share, will draw you into the presence energetically (if not always physically) to that realm of inter-species communion.

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa tells me that animals share this world with us in order to teach us how to be human.

I entitled this article inter-species communion rather than communication, as communion includes communicating but runs deeper. You can be sitting in your apartment in downtown Manhattan and commune with a leopard in South America. There is no distance barrier for this level of communion. You do not have to be a shaman or on hallucinogens. In the remarkable video below, you will see how a change of consciousness opens a door to a part of your being you never knew existed. The video embedded here is just a glimpse of the entire documentary which I found to be extremely moving and caused me to go deeper, remembering who I really AM – not in information, but in sense of Being. You will find the link to the entire presentation below this clip.

watch complete documentary

From my communion with the Being I call Thoth, I have been shown how a new Light program (one of many) has been established in the inner-planes connecting to our world, for a greater level of inter-species communion with our Animal Kingdom and our human-related Kindred among us. This understanding I put forth in my video presentation: THE HARKENING.

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