The Mata Rhu Ha – My Vision

art collage by Maia

My Dream-Vision

I saw two white horses tethered to a chariot. The horses were rearing up in the air and each leaning, straining toward the opposite direction, their legs thrashing the air, manes whipping in the wind and eyes rolling toward the direction they individually seemed to be pulled.

There were waves in the background that were churning, but where the horses and chariot stood, it was as if the sea had parted.

I could not see into the chariot as the rearing horses blocked my view – only the edges of the chariot were in view.

The horses were a shining white, like they were electrified and I could see the slightest bit of blurred white fire coming off their bodies, smearing in the direction each horse was being pulled toward.

Yet all moved slowly- like in very slow motion.

Thoth’s Interpretation

You were presented with an image from the original Tarot – the Tak-Arot, which I, as Toth’Muz’Zurud delivered forth to the World. The representation you were shown is from the ennead or sacred nine of the Tak-Arot.

It is the Mata Rhu Ha – the Center of Power in the Dynamic Earth. The sea is the churning of Earth forces, pulled and swirled through cosmic influences. The chariot is the seat of humanity, from whence Human Kind directs the powers of the electro-magnetic realities of the planet – as Stewards of the Earth. The two white horses are the Pure Lightning Forces of Mind and Heart: Logia and Artus (Logic and Love). These two blazing white steeds are poised in the wave or rhythms of frequency, tethered to the chariot of humanity’s directing hand. They are each magnetized to an opposite direction or polarity. Not good or ill, but the two creative powers represented in Yin and Yang or the magnetic poles of the Earth. Each is being pulled exactly in the same measure so that a perfect balance is struck and all is held in place. While chaos may swirl about the chariot in the churning waves of disrupted frequencies, so the pull of forces are managed through the sheer power and determination of Logia and Artus: Logic and Love. Yet their heads toss, the hooves search the air for purchase, that they may sustain above the breach and maintain order in the Realm. As the pull of forces increases, so these Creatures will break the tethers and once freed, will cease to pull against one another….and be loosed from the Seat of Man.

At this defining moment, humanity will be unseated from it’s mortal reign upon Earth as it is now. Those who choose the Greater Form will arise as the Morning Star, to embrace the Pure Gem vehicle of their carriage.

Maia: Why did I see this image? Is this time now upon us, when the steeds will break their tethers?

Thoth: The moment has not yet come. Yet it approaches as a scent upon the wind. You peered into the Cauldron, when the Steeds are an instant away from tearing apart. Now is the time to see clearly through the darkening glass.

Yea, it is at this moment you witnessed, that the world may be transcended in the blink of an eye. What is to be rent asunder has already done so within the place of no-time. It is the opportunity now, to move into that moment and pluck the pure gem from the horn of the Unicorn – the White Rose – as She bows her head for you. SHE is the way through the chaos. No need to swirl in an undigested soup of space and time, when you may glide upon the back of the White Rose into the New Realm that awaits you. (Thoth is speaking to all here in the use of the word “you”).

See then, that the appearance of the Mata Rhu Ha is not an ominous sign, but one of potential – of the place where the seam will fray and the LIGHT will pour through! Take the LEAP into that space when it presents itself in a flickering instant of time.

Maia’s Notes

From my unfinished manuscript, Journey of the Beloved (the Life of Thoth Raismes) – chapter Tiger’s Milk:

Unfolding the cloth, a stack of card-shaped thin gold sheets was revealed, each engraved with images and symbols. Tiirna was gazing upon the sacred Tak-Arot, which would surface in remanent, eons later within the tarot. The Tak-Arot had been developed by Toth-Mus-Zurud from knowledge contained within the Enochian Table which he brought from Orion. This was the first time Tiirna has seen these ‘cards,’ and yet they were intimately familiar to him, for as Toth-Mus-Zurud, he had created and engraved the gold sheets with his own hands. He passed different hands over them now, seeking the union of energy through space and time which would align him with but seven sheets of gold in the collection of 87. The Tak-Arot was divided thusly: the 58 lesser, the 22 greater and the ‘sacred nine’ or ennead. In our current period, the ‘lesser’ is known as the minor arcana and the ‘greater’ as the major arcana. The ‘ennead’ did not survive the ages to become a part of the modern tarot. – Source

 The White Rose is the Divine Feminine Aspect of the Christos as incarnated in the form of a Unicorn on a higher etheric plane of Earth’s Nature Realm. In the 1980’s I had an on-going experience with this Creature as at first The Black Rose, which eventually transformed into The White Rose (black unicorn becoming white…from hidden and veiled to revealed.).

 Thoth also told me that the Comet Ison is connected to the timing of the vision. Comets are often symbolically represented as chariots being drawn by horses across the sky. Thoth calls Ison a “World-Maker” that is seeding the re-formation of this solar system.



6 thoughts on “The Mata Rhu Ha – My Vision

  1. Such poetic words and imagery; and so coincidental to a message I picked up lately from the Christ to post on our site: that all Whistleblowers who have given/risked so much, even their lives, in service to humanity to help awaken us to Truth, are now honorary members of “The White Rose.” Thank you for your words Thoth and Maia.

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