Comet Ison & the PRM

The Crystalline Matrix

There is much information, dis-information and speculation circulating about the comet Ison, which will appear brightly to the naked eye on this planet for something like 17 days beginning November 27th, as it whips around the sun and comes toward us.

According to my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa Ison is an not a chunk of space matter, but a supra-computer “planetary transformer”.

It is being escorted by several intelligently controlled merkabahs – two of which can be seen in the footage of Ison below. (UPDATE: this film MAY be bogus. If it is  though, interesting that it still does agree with what Thoth informed me – that Ison was being escorted by merkabah.)

Thoth refers to it as a planetary transformer as it’s mission is to quicken certain dynamics in this solar system in preparation for the Earth’s Planetary Ascension. I don’t use this term Biblically but according to Thoth’s terminology

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