Resonant Beings of Frequency

The Crystalline Matrix

ThothHorRa, my inner-planes mentor speaks to me about the importance of our body and Earth frequencies, and how the Pyramidis Radius Matrix  is formulating a new frequency-vibrational table for the entire planet. What we have now on this planet is a largely distorted frequency world. The Pyramidis Radius will begin to re-dress this condition. According to Thoth, frequency creates the electromagnetic zones of the whole Earth experience. These zones form tunnels or pathways  of more frequencies within which the many alternate “realities” of the Earth are created. As our frequencies become imbalanced, so does the full multiple reality spectrum of the Earth. This is a broad topic I will not elaborate upon at the moment, but suffice to say that we do need these dimensional realms in order to function as a whole-planetary effort. As an erosion occurs in our electromagnetic fields and thus the planet’s multiple reality spectrum…

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