Life in the Petri Dish

Recently President Obama nominated Janet Yellen as the first woman to be Federal Reserve Chairman. If confirmed, she will be the first woman in America ever to have the power literally to create money out of thin air. Many people are asking if this change in leadership will improve the economy. Our simple answer is “NO”. A swap of leadership within an inherently corrupt system will not solve our problems. The Federal Reserve is the problem itself.

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No, it does no good to change people around – even “good” people. They are all part of the same corrupt system. Good people can’t change it and bad ones don’t want to.

Yes, the system is corrupt from the bottom up  but…that is not where the buck stops. Not with the Bilderbergs or the Rothschilds, etc. They are all in the same petri dish. They may have more territory in there, but they are part of the fungal growth. So who is growing the fungus? THEY are outside the dish. They put in the necessary ingredients and then allow nature to take it’s course. “Nature” in this case is the predictability of human beings operating in the narrow bandwidth they can control. They control it through understanding the intrinsic nature of the mass consciousness and it’s “predictability” with pre-determined  injections of fungal-growing formula.

THEY are  off-world beings who have been around a long time. They aren’t the Annunaki who fiddled with genetics and they certainly aren’t those among whom my inner-planes mentor Thoth calls the “Shepherds” – Enlightened and Illumined Ones. I don’t feel guided to proceed to much further into who they really are in this article, but I will say that they are just one species. In some ways they do work collective though – where their agendas meet.

Allow me to emphasize: “They” are not responsible for the pickle we are in – WE are. If you churn out a low vibration in your body, you get SICK – this means that your system is now attracting invasive bacteria and other things that mess with your body. “THEY” are here because our systemic dysfunction invited them to “harvest” us.

IF WE CHANGE THE BANDWIDTH IN THE DISH WE TURN OFF  THE SYNAPSE THAT CONNECTS US TO “THEM.” We will no longer play out in the “predictable” zone they manipulate. They can’t manipulate individuals. They can only inject thought-forms into the mass consciousness (our water supply, so to speak) which they know will play us like a well-tuned violin – predictably.  They can’t crawl into the petri dish with us and move stuff around. So we are the ones in control – if we only realize this and switch the channel. At that point, the fungus stops growing as it is deprived of the nutrients it needs to live.

KEEP INJECTING THIS KNOWLEDGE INTO THE PLANETARY BLOODSTREAM. You CAN do this…you. Every one of you. Together we build power as each of us plugs into the grid.


3 thoughts on “Life in the Petri Dish

  1. Very interesting article, Maia. I hope you can elaborate in the future about this species and their agenda (if you know something about them). I do have the feeling, whenever I stumble upon “reptilian and annunaki conspiracies” that many lies have been told and are being injected through the internet and other mass media in order to misguide people. I have never believe most of those theories, not only because they don’t resonate with me, but because I had an experience a long time ago, in which I saw a reptilian woman, interacting with me, and she didn’t intend any harm. She was watching me. I had the feeling these beings have been misunderstood and blamed for situations that are not in their control. I liked what you said in this article, by the way, that WE are the ones resposible. I think any conspiracy theory that concludes with any sort of “they are guilty and us humans are victims” is not real.

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