Intensifying Polarities and Unique Opportunities


Article by Simeon Nartoomid which certainly resonates with me and my inner-planes sources.

* * * * * * *

I’m surfacing for a few moments from the deep sea of all-encompassing immigration matters and overseas moving activities to take a deep cosmic breath! While I’m up for air I’ll share some of the unified perspectives flowing through from our higher-dimensional selves and illumined friends.

It is of course quite obvious to anyone observing what is going on in the world scene that there is a greatly heightened intensification of various polarities taking place right now. There are various scenarios all over the world that reflect this intensification. The recent USA Government showdown/shutdown seems to be taking center stage in this dynamic for the moment, at least for people in the USA.

For many years the Metatronic Councils of Light have spoken to me regarding how there would be just such an intensification of polarities as we approached the planetary “crux point.” They are now stating that our crux point lies within how we respond to what we are faced with individually and collectively between the recent September 2013 Equinox and the upcoming March 2014 Equinox.

There is a long wave pulse of energy emanating from galactic core that is assisting us through this passage until about mid-February 2014. This is a significant part of why polarities are intensifying right now. The energy of this enormously powerful long wave galactic energy pulse is such that it will amplify and reveal anything that has been hidden and lurking in the shadows. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE


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