ThothHorRa’s Prayer for the Earth


When the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred in 2010, Thoth gave the following prayer. . .

We, as a collective group and each as individuals, open ourselves in unity to request from SOURCE the clearing of our energy fields and therefore group field. We ask that all incomplete patterns associated with old programs of thinking be erased and replaced with new light codes of divine accord.

(Pause here for inner processing and receipt – maybe 3- 5 mins)

In this new state of awareness so we now become heart coherent vessels for the planet of our habitation, that this Earth may know our LOVE and APPRECIATION for her.

We join Gaia in Her abundant celebration of LIFE! We see her oceans as sparkling, pure wells of power and beauty, washing clean all corners of the planet.

Behold! We affirm that the Earth is our Mother who is impervious to all illusions of the lesser realities. She is enduring in her wise role as the vessel of our human existence upon and within Her.

Nothing may harm Her, for she is wise beyond the temporary cycles of Man and Nature.


THR further stated as an afterword: When you pray, you must pray first to yourself and then to God-ness within “you.” By this I mean that the prayer is best to reflect the needed changes in your own perception before you can positively attune to circumstances around you.

Since ALL IS WITHIN YOU, this is where your prayer’s focus need begin.

As for the above prayer you will notice that no mention is made of any pollution of Earth’s seas. It is instead affirmed that the Earth is capable of coming to resolution with this situation in the best possible manner; and indeed there is a purpose to all events and actions that will in time, become stimuli for positive and transformative movements of consciousness.

The key to this prayer and any prayer is that the individual offering it forth becomes a vessel for heart coherence. Without a coherent heart there is no basis for true, prayerful intention. Since ALL is embraced in the ONE sea of being, then one coherent heart can create a response in the entire planetary grid.

It is important that one affirm the positive in the prayer rather than focus on the negative aspects which one wishes to change. It may not be for the highest good to alter in any way what you desire to influence. Instead, it may need to run its course for the awakening of humanity on some or many levels. This not always the case, but one person is not intended to make that decision, but rather to turn it over to Spirit for the performance of the greatest good.

* * * * * * *

So now, in 2013 I created a video of a process Thoth had given me for Clearing Radiation from the planet’s water, entitled WATER DRAGON PROCESS. A friend who is part of a Light group I channel for wrote to me regarding the apparent discrepancy between what Thoth states above and some aspects of the process given in the Water Dragon video. . .especially the use of the word “pollutants” in the video:


A good question. When I wrote down the word “pollution” in this text I stopped. I felt Thoth pause (not the he was dictating every word, but over-seeing it, guiding it.) And I asked. “well, should I use this word?” And he left it in.

Now I go back to him with your question:

Thoth: It was decided to allow this word in this instance, as humans need to feel that have the power to purify – which they do – in a direct manner. To draw up what is not desired for their habitation and purify into the Light.

The difference between the oil spill and Fukushima is time…things are moving very rapidly now, and the human psyche is ready to face what before – just a short time ago – they were not.

The statement:

“…the Earth is capable of coming to resolution with this situation in the best possible manner; and indeed there is a purpose to all events and actions that will in time, become stimuli for positive and transformative movements of consciousness.”

still stands true, but each human on Earth now is being called to hold steady while facing truths they were not ready to hear or see just a very short time ago. While focusing in a negative way on what they “see and hear” is not a healing path, the use of the word “pollutants” should to be considered in the balance of the entire Water Dragon process as given – one of Light and expansion. Humanity has the power to see “pollutants” – obstacles in their lives – and transform them. So in this instance, it was decided to leave the word.

Focusing heavily on “pollutants” is not constructive, but at times now, as humanity comes into full realization of just how much they have allowed to “pollute” them for so long – mentally and physically – it is time to “call it out” on occasion, in a balanced and constructive way.

This point would not necessarily have applied before 2013.

* * * * * * *

This is really the same reason I have done an about-face with creating the TRIBELIGHT STATION blog. For all the 40-something  years I have been channeling Thoth, he has always requested that I not publicly put focus on such things which are labeled as “conspiracy.” As of a few months ago, he requested that I do just that – with this blog site. However, it was stressed that the purpose of this site was not to amass such information – this can be found on hundreds of sites on the web now – but to place a larger overview upon these topics – one very much aligned to his above message of 2010.



One thought on “ThothHorRa’s Prayer for the Earth

  1. Yep. Fine balancing act indeed to call something what it is/as it is in the present moment (honoring the truth of the present state of awareness for the individual & collective) and projecting that which one wants it to become (honoring the state of change potential). Nice prayer and advice though. Thank you both.

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