On a Clear Day – Part 2: The Role of the Shepherds

ThothHorRa as depicted by Maia in Second Life
ThothHorRa as depicted by Maia in Second Life

You may wish to read first: On A Clear Day – Part 1

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has referred to himself and those “Ultra” Terrestrials who are related to human kind as the “Shepherds.” They come from several world systems, but primarily from the “TRIGRAM” of Orion, Pleiades and Sirius.

The Shepherds are in oath to “shepherd” Earth’s humanity through the “Unimanity Pact” – an inter-dimensional cosmic unified effort to aid worlds of the “human” genome. This is not a racist attitude, but a responsibility of alignment – each genetic “race” of beings, needing to be responsible for harmonizing their genetic strains. I put this rather simplistically as it is difficult for me to find words to express the true scope of it. Of course the use of the word “race” in this context is implying a much larger genetic family than what we consider “races” on Earth. From the Ultra perspective ALL humans on Earth are of the same race. In some of my previous texts from years ago, I referred to the Shepherds as the “Shepherd Race” which is a misnomer, as we and they are part of the same “race.”

Within the Shepherds there are two major categories: Illumanaries and Ultra-terrestrials. The Illuminaries (not “Illuminati”) Are Master Beings who do not need physical bodies but can assume them at will – even in the past go through the womb-birthing process if they so desired. Yet they are past the karmic cycling of the Earth and indeed, most worlds anywhere near our level of spiritual and physical evolution. Still, when they do embody it is within some form of “human” being.

The Ultra-terrestrials are incarnating “human” beings from other world systems related to us genetically, who are very spiritually and physically advanced compared to us. Recently, I saw the term “Ultra-terrestrial” applied in a completely different context – so please be aware that my “language” in what I write is to be applied only to my work. Others may choose to use the same terms to define different meanings

All these terms given to me by Thoth are not titles they use – it is just a means for him to communicate function or purpose using names we can identify with.

So now, to the heart of this article…

While the Architects, ETs and assorted “Others” are busy with their agendas on this planet, what the heck are our “Shepherds” doing? Aren’t they supposed to be helping us out with this mess? That is my frustrating thought at times. So I decided to sit down with the Big THR and pose this question to him.

ThothHorRa: Did not the Master I’shoa (Jesus) refer to himself as the Shepherd? We have given you this term for us within a similar context. I’shoa did not arrive to change the world in an instant. He saw suffering around him and he wept, he touched a healing touch on the few who came forth to him. So little it would seem, did he do while on Earth…for so few. And yet…he left the world an energetic path – a blueprint – which each person could follow in their own heart and at their own pace. We do not speak here of the Christian religion, but a path he placed into the energy-planet, into the “Racial Memory” of all humanity on Earth. It was largely ignored – even by those who chose to create a religion around him. He said, “All this you can do and more…if you but believe.” He meant to believe in the power of your divine nature.

The imprint I’shoa the Shepherd made in the Akasha of the Earth is still present – still pulsing and alive – creating a portal in the heart of every human being on earth. They do not have to believe in “Jesus Christ” to access it – they have only to believe in the divine Christos within themselves (whatever name they may apply to it). I’shoa knew, as do we, that all “reality” is based on vibration. What vibration are you choosing to exist within is the question – not what place or planet….even solar system, galaxy or universe. We are all vibrational beings. My vibration as an Illumanari encompasses a very broad spectrum. Humans on Earth operate in a very narrow bandwidth. Yet they as I, are on the same vibrational wavelength genetically. What is the difference? Within the DNA there is an essential vibration of equilibrium that does not leave the components of the DNA. Instead the “tuning forks” of the DNA circulate this vibration within it’s elements, like a ventilation system, with no vibration escaping it’s electro-magnetic field. This field, which we shall call the isoka, is a form of itonic gravitation – where the itons build a supra-gravitational field around the DNA (and RNA). Thus, the genetic vibration never leaves it’s source field, but instead circulates through it and maintains it’s equilibrium.

All sentient being incarnated within a formation of DNA (whether through birth and growth or through direct manifestation) commune through the commonality of their DNA frequency with ALL other living beings. However, among the same “race” or species, that communion is stronger.

The main “work” of the Shepherds toward their guardianship of Earth is to commune through the DNA vibration which we share with you. Much transformation, balancing and protective maintenance of your holistic being is conducted by the Shepherds, who are in the truest sense In’laketch – “I Am another you.” However, it is not the calling of the Shepherds to assume all service and conduct for Earth’s humans. This would rob them of their own spiritual evolution, which would be counter-productive to the very act of existence.

All that you perceive as harmful and disruptive in your world, whether the source is coming from “terrorists” or “ETs” can be shifted in an instant through a change in vibrational frequency. How to accomplish this:

  1. Believe that you can do it.
  2.  Ask for instantaneous guidance to accomplish it from the network of your Kindred in the universe.
  3.  Create a triangle with your solar plexus, heart and third eye…then projecting through the crown, which forms a torus around you. (Maia: at this point Thoth is suggesting I create a video with his guidance, that could take one through the process).

For one person to accomplish a shift in this way, means to them that they see a larger view and respond to what is going on around them via that greater perspective. This create a major upgrade in the quality of their lives and in their ability to help others move into the vibrational space as well.

When a vibrational number of 144,000 is reached, the whole planet shifts into a broader wavelength – where disharmony cannot exist. The 144,000 are not individual beings, but a measurement of frequency. The enlightenment of the individuals involved would determine the actual number of people within it.

This is where the work of the Shepherds lies – to guide humanity to that threshold!

ADDENDUM: After writing the above, Thoth reminded me of the video he had directed that I make some months ago, entitled THE HARKENING. Here is shown some of the key interactions the Shepherds are developing with us at this time.

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