The Ghost in the Machine

Yes this is “bad news” (quoting video below), but it is critical that we face it unflinching, bathed in the light of the heart. The United States and President Obama has not gone insane. It is all part of a long-planned and on-going plan – a plan that is crumbling. They are trying to instigate the next step (a major one) before it all falls apart.  My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa told me before December, 2012 that beginning in 2013 it will all come out, one thing after another. It is shocking for us to see what has been crawling under the rocks under our feet, but it is a cleansing force which is bringing it UP and out. OUR job will then be to transmute the energy it sets free into a positive, affirmative movement of SPIRIT, rather then a paralyzing pool of fear and horror.

The video below is not just about 911. I posted it here as it really capsulizes the systematic actions to instigate and perpetuate the on-going “program.”


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