On A Clear Day – The View From The Top


In the THRIVE video below you are presented with a really clear and defining picture of our current world situation – in so far as it is revealed to the researcher. I generally do not post here videos over a few minutes long, but this one is well worth the time it takes to view it.  However, from my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa there is a larger perspective. The ones at the top of the heap of power on this planet, he calls the “Architects.”  He mentioned them to me as far back as the mid-1990’s. Now in 2013 I am requesting more information from him – just who are these people and what is their ultimate agenda?

THOTH: The “Architects” first gathered as a cohesive group in the Teutonic Lands.  (Maia: Thoth then led me to Googling and found the “group” he is referring to: the Hanseatic League.)

(Thoth continues) This Hanseatic League was created by the original “Architects.” They were essentially scholars of esoterica, primarily alchemy. They were not interested in the spiritual aspect of alchemy or any of the esoteric “magical” arts, but in the use of them as a means to fulfill personal agendas. These individuals came out of five families with a long historical linage of power and wealth.  These five families had been rivals off and on in power struggles through the centuries, but in the mid-12 Century, as the saw their wealth and power diminishing, due to various world factors, they decided to come together in secret, to set the stage for a vast and long-term alliance of power and privilege.

Although historically, the Hanseatic League is seen as a German effort, it was not. This was merely the insertion point for a larger expansion. Only two of the five families were of German descent. The Hanseatic League can be seen as a beginning phase instigated by the Architects. Most in the League they created had no idea of the true purpose of it – or that such individuals were even involved.

These five families who began to work together in 1156, all shared extra-terrestrial DNA of a specific star linage, dating back to it’s insertion into the human genome in the Assyrian Lands. While all humanity contains “stellar” DNA of some type and degree, the Architects are a special breed. Human beings (as any on the Earth consider themselves to be) but their DNA insertions (into their ancestors) contained a genetically modified code that caused the members of these families to have encoded within their brains the stimulus to achieve the “Agenda” of their original manipulators or creators, if you will. These “creators” are a branch of what is in the Bible referred to as the “Niphilim.” This specific “branch” I will call the Ol’Nandar – a name given to them by their human progeny.

One of the programmed dictates of the Architects is to keep their linage “pure” – that is, they marry only into genetics that will carry the “program” into future generations. This does not mean that they simply marry among themselves – they often do – but other genetic types need to be inserted in an on-going fashion to sustain the genome “program.” They in fact have a proclivity to at different periods of time, bring into the gene pool members of the Grail Family – the linage of I’shoa (Jesus), as this genetic strain is a powerful carrier of genome encoding.

What is the Agenda?

It is not about wealth or power – although these are necessary tools to accomplish the Agenda on Earth.  The Agenda is to create human beings who have the right “mix” of DNA to allow multi-universal existence of that being. This is a broad topic,

Maia: At this point, I ended the transmission, as it would go off into an in-depth topic, however I plan to pursue it in the future. I do know I was told by Thoth in the 1980’s that certain ETs wished to obtain the DNA to create a working M-STRA Molecule.

Of Note: In Wikipedia, the word “Hegemony” was used to describe the Hanseatic League.


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4 thoughts on “On A Clear Day – The View From The Top

  1. If this is the Agenda of the Architects, then multi-universal existence is simply a matter of the right DNA mix? The fact that these beings violate such fundamental laws of the universe, does not hold them back, from an energetic perspective?

    1. What they are doing is no more in accord with universal balance than placing pig DNA in rice! But then the universe always brings BALANCE out of chaos. We are on the cusp of that “re-balancing” now. That is why all this is coming up right in front of us.

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