The Webs They Weave

This video really supports what my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa has told me through the years, one point of which is that the leaders and high-rankers in most governments of the world are not in charge – and haven’t been for a long time. It is futile to aim your slings and arrows at the “leader” – or try to get him/her ousted and another of your choice in. None of them have the power. None of them. There are some who are the conscious gophers of the “Architects” as Thoth refers to them. It is interesting that one of these “gophers” which Thoth named to me years ago – is mentioned by the whistle-blower in the video below (well his office at the time) as whom the line-tapping was traced to, in regard to authorization.

I believe it is sooo important to leave the think-box that we just have the wrong “evil-doing” man or woman at the top – take them out and put a “good guy” in and it will all come into place. Thoth told me a long time ago that The Architects never put one of their own (ie a gopher) in the position of World Leader. In the U.S. at least, he often is a pretty okay guy – Reagen, Carter and yes, Obama. They want them to be appealing and genuine. Once they are installed several key things happen. Well, the first happens before they take the Oath of Office: a micro-chip (truly microscopic) is placed into their bloodstream. It sends signals that subtly work on the mental impulses of the brain, to make the person very open to specific suggestions. It is kind of like electronic hypnosis. However, they don’t want a robot. This would be too obvious. The individual is allowed to keep their basic core values and integrity in tact. What is does do is make them think that certain thoughts (which are inserted as their own) and actions (as a result of those thoughts) are in alignment with their core values.

Secondly, and this is especially true once in Office – they are “told” through this auto-suggestion to appoint certain people into high positions around them – people who are also either mind-controlled in this manner or are “gophers.”. This further expedites the environmental saturation around the “leader” – supporting the leader’s thought suggestions sent to him electronically. It also allows measured dis-information to reach him, which supports his new belief system (that he does not realize is new). Close family members are also infiltrated to some degree in this manner so that they won’t remind him of who he / she really is.

Still, most leaders who are basically good people will sometimes break away from their mind-keepers now and then. That is when the Architect’s minions pull the trump card of threats and blackmail, which they only use when absolutely necessary, as this is a flawed tactic which is more likely to be breached.

Of note is that the use of micro thought managing was not in use until President Nixon’s time in the White House. The Kennedy’s died because they could not be managed in this way. Once the “mind chip” was perfected it would not have mattered, as even such dedicated men could have been controlled – at least enough for the purposes of the Architects.

I would mention here, that there are quite a few layers between the Architects and the gophers. . .for the sake of brevity I cut corners in this article, as the buck stops with the Architects. No they aren’t extra-terrestrial Lizzies. They do some wheeling-dealing with certain ETs (different ones), but they don’t need to be controlled to do what they do. The Architects come from a long line on this planet, that is true. Do they have off-planet genetics? Well we all do! They may be just more aware of it and more resourceful in their ahhh “breeding” to keep certain powers in tact. Not an enviable practice as far a I am concerned (and Thoth would agree).

Okay I have said enough here – probably way more than I should. This is not my spiritual “M.O.” to write or discuss such things openly, but it is difficult to hold it back at this time in human history.

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