Radiation Madness & Moving into the Fifth Density

Veggies from Fukushima
Veggies from Fukushima

Moving into the Fifth Density
I can tell you, that in my knowing, it will take little more than a few human generations to cleanse the surface completely. Then will begin the reclamation and reconstitution by Gaia here, taking back that which was commandeered from her. And life for those who choose it, can begin again in the Fifth Density, the new paradigm.

That’s how I feel to respond to such disasters which are surely now on the increase. I believe it’s the most positive way to look at them. To be motivated by real change.

I observe they convince ever more people to let go.
To empower themselves to be who they truly are.
To find their true spiritually beyond merely an intellectual idea.

The time has come to put spirituality into every-day practice, day by day, moment by moment.
The time is now. There is no other time. – Chris Bourne quote source

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