Crop Circle Consciousness

I recently came across this video of the Crop Circle investigator, Colin Andrews. In it, he is explaining how after 30 years of researching crop circles he is now seeing that the “hoaxers” of a certain amount of crop circles (many are genuine and many not) are apparently in touch with the true program of crop circle creation. I was very excited to read this, as Thoth had told me years ago (this from an article I wrote in 2006):

In the late 1990’s I wrote an article on Crop Circles which is now displayed on Spirit Mythos. Since I wrote that article, there has been an “upgrading” of Crop Circles to really incredible designs, most of which are being created by people right here on earth! Some are out-right forgeries, but most are being crafted by a group who are being guided by the original off-planet creators of the crop circles. They are really not that consicously aware of this guidance as a whole, but some within the group are aware of this guidance. This change-over from star-makers to terrestrial-makers of the circles is a part of the intended plan to integrate these living symbols into the mass consciousness. By transfering creation to the inhabitants of this world, so the Star Ones have given us a great gift for re-creating our spiritual portals into Self and beyond.

As I wrote in my 1990’s article:

Thoth tells us that the ‘crop circles’ are modules of spiritual programming designed to bring us back into the original divine imaging of Earth as a vehicle for the Adam Kadmon, or template of Divine Man, which we as a planetary realm, separated from eons ago. This ‘programming’ is being set into the cellular firing of our matter-forms through interface with the divine biochemistry. While certain star races facilitate this imprinting with their Mark-Korhas Merkabah craft, the command and institution of this transfer is given forth through the Elohim, or Creational Beings.

Now we, earth’s humanity, are in the stages of becoming the “New Elohim”, so we must make the pattern, sing the song, open the portals and the floodgates of our awareness as to the truth of our divine nature. Crop circles represent our labyrinths of mastery, for as we emerge from the web and the weave of life, we are lifted to a new plane of awareness as to the pattern and design of the path we have taken. . . and it’s purpose in relationship to our present and future.

Now Mr. Andrews has discovered this truth – the “hoaxers” have now become the “channelers” of many of the crop circles!

Further from my sources (this from a personal session I gave in the last year or so):

you have been involved on the Inner with a grouping of incarnated souls, being guided by a group of Ultra-Beings. This endeavor (of the two groups) we shall call EXCALIBUR – simply to be able to refer to it. The purpose of the endeavor, being orchestrated by the Phee’Ra (the Ultra part of Excalibur) it is bring the Earth souls group into certain crop circles (in astral body) and show them how to activate these energy fields on a DNA level for humanity. Your Inner self accepted this task and was not in any way “taken” without your full consent.

Now, in 2012 the Circles will begin to move into a new phase of energy – a very powerful one – in which certain people (more and more as time passes) will begin to create their own “Crop Circles” within their energy fields…becoming living Circles. Some will demonstrate this in the Outer through their art…other simply “BE” it.

* * *

[Maia} I have been shown before by THR (not only since 2012 have I been shown this – but it has been happening longer) certain groups of people working with very specific was he is calling New Earth Ascension Geometries. Some are groups involved in the frequencies of Crop Circles, for instance…others with the tonal resonances of the cetaceans, etc. All these groups have Utra-Beings assisting them, guiding them.

Colin Andrews on this subject

Of course there are the crop circles made my the “ships” as well

My original 1990’s article on Crop Circles (be aware that statements in this article that say “at this time” are referring to the mid-1990s – this whole Light Program has advanced since then, due to human DNA acceleration).

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