The Human-Plant Experience

from video “Truth of Trees” by Maia

The ET Disclosure is a vital topic for us at this time, but THE most urgent problem the world faces are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently gone so far as to state that a war may be necessary to stop Monsanto from polluting the world seed bank.

The video below,  Seeds of Death is one of the more comprehensive documentaries on this pressing subject. But first I have a story to tell…

In 1977,  just prior to my conscious connection to my inner planes mentor Thoth, the Ultra-being I was communing with (who were preparing me for conscious communion with my mentor), gave me some information which I now see as very possibly relating to the World Seed Bank crisis. At the time, I wrote it all down by hand in a notebook. I think I kept that notebook, but have no idea where it might be now. So from memory, I will attempt to relate the gist of it here.

I was shown New Zealand…a place I have never been in this lifetime. It was in the future, but what year I do not know. There were gardens everywhere…indeed an Eden. I was told that all the world’s plants would be growing here…like a Noah’s Ark of the World’s seeds. They told me that in the future, only a few places on the planet would have the necessary plants (aka seeds) needed for the “New World” (the terms “New Earth Star” and “Ascension” had not yet been introduced to me). I thought this would be due to cataclysms, but now I think probably at least in part, it might be the decimation of the World Seed Bank.

It is important to understand (from the perspective of my “history of the world” as has been revealed to me) that human beings’ first incarnational experience in “Earth” was plant-like. This Thoth refers to as the LOTUS reality. We are connected to all living things – very closely connected. Plants are remnants of the LOTUS, when they were our incubation lattices and we cleaved to their embryonic cellulose bubbles of light. Our “junk” DNA still contains this ability to merge with Flora. My video, The Truth of Trees addresses the human-plant connection within the LOTUS Time of the Earth.

Further, my video The Harkening addresses how both plants and animals will come forward as a greater presence in our lives, and humans will be able to morph into various states of the human-animal-plant, creating new species. This will not be a product of genetic manipulation, aka forcing genes to perform in certain ways. Instead, it will be (as it already is on many worlds) coming from Enlightenment within the DNA. Not a creation of monsters, but a free flowing movement through liquid LIGHT, embracing the GOD-NESS in all Creation…tasting, touching, moving through many states. Entanglement, experiencing, sensing…but never trapped within any one form.

I asked Thoth (the other day) why we needed seeds from this world to take into the New Earth? He responded that the “New Earth” is not a matter of leaving the old one behind. Yes, some of the old will not come with us, but much of it will.  He equated the New Earth Star reality as a blank slate, much like in the virtual world of Second Life, where I spend time (on the computer). When you buy virtual land (simulated land or a “sim”) it is flat and nothing on it. You are given the tools to sculpt it…create mountains rivers, etc. Then you texture it with ground-cover and buy or make trees and plants for the land and place them where you wish. Thoth related that this is somewhat like what we will be doing when we reach our “New Earth.” Of course there are vast differences, but this gave me a basic idea. It doesn’t come ready-made. Nor do we wave a hand and “poof” it is done. Yes, it is a manifestational realm, but such manifestation comes about not through the endowment of super-powers but through the understanding and communion with all life…and the very LIGHT of Creation.

Nor do we start completely anew…we will build the New Earth from the SEEDS of the Old.

The following video is not a spiritual experience to watch, as it addresses the cold, hard facts of what is happening to the plant kingdom now, including the sober history on Montsanto. But I do believe in the Brighter Day…the gardens of preservation and the New Earth ahead.

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One thought on “The Human-Plant Experience

  1. I have seen documentaries about this firm what harm they cause in many countries.Someone in the juridicaland law department in the USA should be brave and not be open to any kind of unseen bribary in order to legitimatly and by law stop them pollutting the Globe.!!!!!!!!

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