Thrive: Torus & Crop Circles

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa requested that I create this Tribelight Station site, not only to present videos and links to key websites concerning things humanity needs to know in these apocalyptic and transforming times post 2012, but to insert the keys into these “locks” humanity has strung together out of greed, fear and ignorance. The keys are within ourselves….our divine nature and that divinity’s presence in both our physical and perceived worlds.

In the following video excerpt from the THRIVE movie, the torus as the primary energy geometry of the universe is discussed, along with crop circle as energy components of the torus. Long ago my inner-planes sources told me how important the torus was  as the key geometry of all energy and life. Now, these many years later this truth is becoming verified within the cutting-edge scientific community.

The 64 Tetrahedron crystal (64 evenly spaced tetahedrons)  or Metatron’s Cube I recently wrote about, along with creating an energy art for it. The Metatron’s Cube or what Thoth calls the Asp’Tei (aaasp-teee –  meaning to “bring to order” “to adjust” “focus” “re-form” “re-calibrate”, etc.) is the core generator of the Toroidal field. When human beings come to understand how they can fully generate this natural field through their DNA and thus entire body, they will then become consciously and completely physically connected to the Earth’s and the Universal Grand Torus.

It is crucial right now…in these next few years – months even – that more and more humans begin to generate this full-light (Metatronic) field within them. When the official disclosure of the Hidden comes, and it is already the snowball rolling down the hill toward us, we must be prepared to choose our reality! For indeed, at that point it will become an imperative.

High-ranking officials in the governments and military of the world are now coming forward to state unequivocally that alien contact has been going on now for some 6o years (on a governmental and military level). There are some who say at least sixty –  others know of hundreds of different species of aliens in contact with certain elite groups on this planet. When this all comes forward for everyone, so that it cannot be denied by even the most skeptical – we will have to chose which among these “aliens” are our friends, so to speak. This is not a matter of lining up behind certain off-world species, it is a matter of ENERGY: of PERCEPTION and VIBRATION. We will not be making a mental decision at that stage, but an energetic alliance. This alliance will decide who passes through the 44:44 Stargate into the New Earth and who does not, for it rests at the core of each individual’s choice to either move forward or stay behind.

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