Dali Lama, Edgar Mitchell and Vatican Spokesman – Preparation for the Latter Days

By “Latter Days” I do not refer to a Biblical doom and gloom, but to my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa’s use of these words: a major shift in individual and world consciousness which places us at the threshold of the 44:44 Ascension Stargate.

It is Eschaton defined by a friend of mine, Rowena P. Kryder Ph.D as: “The Earth is a wisdom body. Gaia has the perennial tradition at her core. Eschaton means ‘the last things’. All can be consumed except the truth, represented by the New Earth Spiritual World….The phase of Eschaton is an illuminative, fiery, spiritual consummation of the earth and all beings within and upon her.”

In the proceeding four short videos below, world figures prepare us for the match which will strike the “illuminative, fiery, consummation of the earth and all beings within and upon her.”

The Dali Lama, our loveable, powerful friend who never says anything he doesn’t fully intend to say…

Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut and founder of the Noetic Institute – who researched me shortly after returning from the Moon, just as he was making the transition from astronaut to Noetics. In one of our numerous conversations to me he strongly indicated (not stated outright) that he believed even at that time, there was alien contact ongoing among humanity on Earth. Although at the time, he seemed to fear the implications (this is my opinion based on some of his statements to me and others in my presence).

Thoth told me years ago that the Vatican held many secrets, and along with the Royal Dynasty of Great Britain was one of the two most powerful, secret organizations on the planet. Let me make it clear that he was not speaking of the Royals themselves (the Queen, etc) or the Roman Catholic religion or people – or the Pope. No more than the world leaders or outer governments of nations have any real power anymore. They are only puppets for the greater “Beast” behind the System. Those who openly threaten rebellion or serious disclosure of their hold on power will be eliminated, as was JFK and RFK.

But again, and I will say this over and over…the change is within ourselves. We cannot pound at the door of “Them” (or as Thoth calls them the OWL – One World Legion) and demand they step aside and give us our rights. They are not in control. They are only convincing us they are in control. When we shift the paradigm within, so the scene without will change dramatically.

It need be understood that we are not forcing the disclosure that we see unfolding before us. This has been in the plan for sometime by the OWL.  They have gone just about as far as they can with the Secret. They knew sooner or later this time would arrive. Now it is what comes after the disclosure which they are planning to shift to their advantage. This is why we must Awaken to our true purpose on this planet…and act accordingly, from a place of pure energy vibration.

A very carefully spun statement – but a major one…



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