Mysterious Glowing Balls under Pyramid of the Sun

In 1973 I was given an “assignment” from the Ultras who mentored me at the time (before I was upgraded to ThothHorRa), To fly to Mexico and perform an energetic ceremony atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, not far from Mexico City. It was an incredible journey for me, my mother and several friends. Amazingly, it also connected to Elvis Presley, but that is another aspect of the story which I write about in my book BLUE STAR LOVE.

Now I find we were atop a 2.000 year old tunnel containing “glowing balls” of unknown composition (to date) and origin. I have at this time, asked Thoth to comment on these spheres. Briefly he states that they are “time capsules” in that they create orientation fields for bi-location through space-time.

press article on the glowing balls

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