Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s

We all think we know about this, but mostly we read bits and pieces about it. This video puts it all together in a comprehensive work. It is SERIOUS BUSINESS and every human being should be educated on GMOs and not just peripherally aware of it.

There is non-violent uprising in all countries now, against GMOs. However, it may already be too late, as the DNA changes have spread through the air to “normal” crops and into the DNA of animals and humans, now propagating through the generations.

It is not the purpose of TRIBELIGHT STATION to leave the visitor of this site with the bitter taste of defeat. There is a WAY to turn around this and other major problems now facing this planet. IT IS WITHIN. I am not discouraging outer non-violent actions, but in order to truly take this Beast by the horns and not only stop its rampage, but reverse the damage already done, we must turn to the power of interfacing with the quantum universe while our DNA is still in tact enough to do so.

Bless Your Food!

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa encourages the “blessing” of the food you eat. When you sit down to eat and drink, put your hand over it and connect to the sacred I AM of your eternal Being, placing transformative LIGHT into the substances you are about to consume. In doing so, you are placing what you are about to eat into a specific morphogenetic field of purification.

Global “Prayer” Focus

“World Puja” type collective specific focus on the ceasing of GMOs on this planet and the reversal of the damage already done – if propagated global and in a unified effort, will transform this and any imbalanced situation on the planet.

But first you need to be informed.

Related Links:

Pranic Wands can be used to increase the quantum focus of food “blessing.”

Consuming LIGHT-based substances, primarily algae – quantumized algae even better, can normalize genetic frequency and thus the DNA, in all living things (This statement is based on my channeled insights – no medical claims being made here.) Biolumina is quantumized algae.

Other forms of pure Light-wave absorption can trigger balancing in the DNA – such as the Genesis Light System. (This statement is based on my channeled insights – no medical claims being made here.)


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