Starships Over Hawaii

Wow! What a find for me with this video. As many of you know, I have lived on the island of Kaua’i now for a little over eight years, having resided on Maui for six months prior to that. I have friends on this island who have seen the ships. I have not, but then I do not spend much time outside, and hardly ever at night.

I have been told by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa that there is a network of bases throughout these islands, and large ancient pyramids of MU underwater off the shores that are still being used energetically by the Star Ones from Orion, Pleiades and Sirius.

When Simeon and I were on Maui we heard from two different sources about the underwater pyramids – one of the two had a friend who had been diving for the government on some secret project to find them. He saw it with his own eyes and it was enormous.

I have been to that large pyramid on Oahu they show in the video…with Simeon and our dear Sistar, Ludmilla. Simeon and I have l also been to Haleakala on Maui several times…once on the Venus Transit of 2004.

The energy of these island is strong and other-worldly in the sense of how most people perceive “the world.” The Hawaiian Islands sit upon the Roil Point of the planet which will trigger the whole planetary ascension dynamic when the time comes. This is the main reason for such a strong Star Presence in these islands.

You will find links to most of my Hawaii related articles on THIS PAGE.


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