The Friendship Case

A unique video on not only contact with off-world races, but on-going communication in the flesh and a developed friendship. This addresses those being who truly wish to aid us in a non-intrusive manner. You don’t hear a lot about them because they are non-intrusive.

My mother and I had them (not the specific ones in this video) visit us, and some telepathy from them to us came forth. They appeared to us in the room. In some cases my mother and I were together when it happened. I don’t know if the ones visiting us were in hologram or actually physically present. I think they were in some sort of semi-physical state tho, as when they would appear to me at night and I would suddenly awaken to see a 7 foot male standing right next to my bed I am ashamed to say I would scream. They would then quickly disappear. One time, as I was getting ready to scream, the man back away and put up his hands in a “pleeese don’t scream” gesture. When I asked about this later, they told me that screams “hurt” them when they were in that “state.” I must add that they were there only with permission from me to continue to come, as they were treating me for my health problems. I may not be alive today if not for them. This was in the 1970’s and ’80’s.


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